Pretzel Bagel And Chocolate Dream Latte From Tim Hortons
ティム・ホートンズのプレッツェル ベーグルとチョコレート ドリーム ラテ

(Japanese follows. / 日本語は以下へ続く。)

My husband found Tim Hortons sells new bagel called "Pretzel Bagel" now and I decided to get it and review what it is.
Details about Tim Hortons, please check: Red Velvet Muffin

I looked for information when it's launched but I couldn't find, and I saw it's mentioned on Tim Hortons' Facebook page on March 11.

They're asking, "Have tried our new Pretzel Bagel with mustard butter spread?"
So I guess they've launched it on that day.
Though the Mustard Spread is new and provided for a certain time of, I wasn't interested in because I don't like mustard.
And "Pretzel Bagel" is a registered Trademark of Fiera Foods Inc. they say.

While looking at "What's New" page on their website, I found "Chocolate Dream Latte" which is available for a limited time.
"It's made with a delicious mix of premium espresso, frothy milk, hot cocoa mix, and topped with our new chocolate whipped topping and smooth chocolately drizzle."
I don't drink coffee so I was a bit nervous to get something with espresso which is pretty intense but the magic word "limited time" pushed me to try it.
I didn't find the launch date of this product either but they mentioned on their twitter on March 18, so I'm assuming it's available on that day.

Both Pretzel Bagel and Chocolate Dream Latte are available at participating restaurants.

I went to one of the closest Tim Hortons from my house and arrived there around 10:30 AM.
I proceeded to a cash register and said, "Can I get the limited chocolate drink?" in English.
But the employee didn't seem to understand what I was talking about, so I explained the drink again but she was giving me a weird look all the time.
When an electric screen showed the Chocolate Dream Latte, I pointed and said that one, and she asked me what size so I said small.
I wanted to get some donuts, too, but on the counter, there's only breakfast menu so I didn't know what donuts they had there or remember the name of each item, so I gave up as she looked irritated.
I ordered Pretzel Bagel and she asked me with Mustard Spread but I said no and asked to put butter instead.

Once I was done ordering the items, I went to another counter to pay, then after paying, I waited to receive my drink.
Then, I moved to another counter to receive the bagel.
(If it's donuts or pastries, they'll give you at the same counter you pay & receive drink.)

Pretzel Bagel
It's in a paper wrap with new item advertising.

The size was same as regular bagel but with cuts on the surface.
And like classic pretzel, it's got coarse salt on the top.

The Pretzel Bagel was sliced in to half and cut in the middle, so there're 4 pieces total.
Butter was spread almost even and the hard texture of the surface was pretzel.
And the chewy texture was similar to bagel.
However, both pretzels and bagels are boiled before baking, so that they're very similar to start with, and if someone gives me this Pretzel Bagel and says, "It's a bagel," I don't think I can tell it's actually a Pretzel Bagel.

It's served warm, not hot, so if you want it hot and crispy, you'd better buy it to-go and toast at home.

Chocolate Dream Latte
Before reviewing the flavor, let me explain what this is about on the cup.
They're having campaign which you can win a Toyota car, VISA gift cards, Tim Hortons coffee, and etc if there's any name of the goods written on the rim of the cup of any size of hot drink. (No espresso or cold drink are eligible.)

"LC" stands for "Latte Chocolat Reve," French name of Chocolate Dream Latte.

Removing the lid, I saw chocolate flavored whipped cream and chocolate sauce over it.
I put the lid back and tried drinking from the little hole on the lid, but the whipped cream was so thick and hard that the drink didn't come out for a second.
I placed the cup back on the counter and shook side ways a bit.
Then the hot liquid came out fast, so maybe it's smarter to drink without the lid.

It had sweet chocolate flavor first and bitter espresso afterwards.
I didn't taste hot cocoa as the espresso was very intense and condensed.
Not a coffee-lover, it's too bitter for me (and I ended up having stomachache).

I'd never had any hard time ordering goods at Tim Hortons and this is the first and the worst experience ever.
It's my fault that I didn't remember the name of the items I wanted, didn't know the system of the ordering and receiving the goods at the restaurant, and I don't speak their language, French, but being given that look and attitude have made me nervous going back to the specific branch to get same experience even though I liked the Pretzel Bagel.
Maybe I should take a screen shot of the goods I want in French and show it at the counter.

Chocolate Dream Latte (Small): 2.60
Pretzel Bagel: 1.19
Butter: 0
To toast: 0

Total: 3.79 + 2 kinds of tax = 4.36 CND dollars

Pretzel Bagel --- per piece (130g)
Calories: 310kcal
Fat: 2.5g

Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 780mg
Carbohydrate: 61g
Fiber: 2g
Protein: 10g

Chocolate Dream Latte --- small (286ml)
Calories: 180kcal
Fat: 5g
Cholesterol: 5mg
Sodium: 160mg
Carbohydrate: 26g
Fiber: 0g
Protein: 7g

旦那がティム・ホートンズから「プレッツェル ベーグル」という新しいベーグルが発売されたと聞き、
ティム・ホートンズの詳細: レッド ベルベッド マフィン

プレッツェル ベーグルの発売日や情報を集めようと思ったけれど、Facebookの3月11日の投稿に
「マスタードバターと一緒に、新しいプレッツェル ベーグルを試してみた?」と書かれていただけで、
また、「プレッツェル ベーグル」はFiera Foods Inc. の登録商標とのこと。

ウェブサイトの「新商品」ページに「チョコレート ドリーム ラテ」という期間限定商品が載っていた。
「プレミアム エスプレッソ、ミルクフォーム、ホットココアを混ぜた飲み物に、チョコレート味の

プレッツェル ベーグルもチョコレート ドリーム ラテも、限定店舗のみにて発売中。

電光掲示板がチョコレート ドリーム ラテを映し出したときに指をさし、「これください」と言うと
プレッツェル ベーグルを1つ注文すると、マスタードバターを付けるかと聞かれたので断り、


プレッツェル ベーグル
プレッツェル ベーグルは2枚にスライスされ、さらに中心で切り分けられていたので、全体が
食べたら、プレッツェル ベーグルと分からない気がする。


チョコレート ドリーム ラテ



プレッツェル ベーグルは美味しかったんだけどなぁ。

チョコレート ドリーム ラテ (Sサイズ): 2.60
プレッツェル ベーグル: 1.19
バター: 無料
トースター使用: 無料

合計: 3.79 + 税金2種類 = 4.36 カナダドル

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2 件のコメント :

  1. ooh, too bad with the experience, the pretzel bagel does look delicious though :-)

    I think we share the same 'bad' habit, I can't seem to be able to resist anything with "for limited time" or "期間限定" things, even though I'm pretty sure they won't suit my taste bud :(

    1. Yeah, it's an unexpected experience but the pretzel bagel was really good :D

      Me, too, I can't leave goods with "limited" label on behind!
      Sometimes those items taste "bah," yet at least we know how they are ;)