Fuwatama Omelette With 4 Kinds Of Cheese by Nippon Ham
ニッポンハムのふわたまオムレツ 4種チーズ入り

(Japanese follows. / 日本語は以下へ続く。)

I don't remember when, but I think when I was looking for Sucre et Sucre series, I heard there's a microwavable omelette from Nippon Ham.
I'd paid attention every time I went to supermarkets, but until a couple of days ago, I didn't find it.
It's called Fuwatama Omelette with 4 kinds of cheese, and originally it's launched on February 20, 2014.
Fuwatama is a coined term, and Fuwa is Fuwafuwa meaning soft, fluffy, and bouncy.
Tama is Tamago, which is an egg, so Fuwatama means "fluffy egg."

The specialty of the product of this omelette is all you need is 2 eggs and you can microwave this plastic bag to cook the egg.

On the back, there're additional information and directions of how to cook.

At the top center, it says the following.
● Without a pan, you can make fluffy omelette in a microwave easily.
● To create richness, we use 4 kinds of natural cheese; gouda, cream, parmesan and monterey jack.
● The character is fragrant and deep flavors of heavy cream from Hokkaido.

Here are the directions.

1. Cut the top, beat the eggs and pour into the pouch.

It says that egg white and yolk need to be combined well.

Opening the bag widely, I smelled strong onions.

I poured the beaten eggs into the bag.
And I closed the zipper tight.

2. Fold at the dotted line and shake sideways.
Following the dotted line, I held the package and shook it right and left.
The reason you can't shake up and down is that there's a steam port in the zipper, and the contents may leak from the hole.
It required more than 20 times to shake, and I think I did the double but I found it difficult to shake well from side to side.

3. Cook in a microwave.
I let the bag stand with zipper closed, and heated for 4 minutes and 20 seconds, not knowing the watt.
For 500W, it's 4 minutes and a half, 600W, it's 4 minutes.
If there's still liquid at the bottom after cooking, reheat it by 10 seconds till it's cooked.
In 4 minutes and 20 seconds, the omelette was perfectly cooked and no liquid was found at the bottom.

As the omelette was very hot, I held the marked parts to slide the omelette down to a plate.

As you can see, it's fully cooked and the shape was as the plastic bag stood and not resembling the football shaped omelette on the package.
That's the bottom side. 

And this is the upper side.

It's ver hot and steamy inside.
I saw some orange parts which might be monterey jack cheese.
It's not half-raw and runny but completely cooked omelette, but it was actually fluffy.
It had some cheese flavor, but the onion and chicken broth were much stronger than cheese.
I wish I could taste more cheese since a part of the name is "with 4 kinds of cheese," and I had expected it'd really have cheesy texture and flavor with melted and stringy cheese.
Eggs must be well beaten before pouring into the pouch, and I hope they can improve the product and say, "Put eggs into the bag and shake well," then I'd like to try again.

<Nutrition> --- per 115g
Calories: 122kcal
Protein: 2.9g
Fat; 9.4g
Carbohydrate: 6.4g
Natrium: 729mg
Sodium Chloride Equivalent: 1.9g

これは「ふわたまオムレツ 4種チーズ入り」というもので、2014年2月20日に発売された。


● フライパンを使わずに、電子レンジでふわっとした食感のオムレツが簡単にできます。
● ゴーダ、クリーム、パルメザン、モントレージャックの4種類のナチュラルチーズを使用
● 北海道産生クリームを使用しており、薫り高く濃厚な風味が特徴です。

1. 「あけくち」を切り、卵をよく溶いた後に袋に入れる。
2. 点線で折り、横に振る。
3. 電子レンジで加熱。





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6 件のコメント :

  1. Hello Chobiro, thanks for interesting review. Where can I purchase this item and how much is this?

  2. Hello Znam-san,
    Thank you for reading! I found this at Aeon, a supermarket chain.
    Not all the locations had it, but I think large supermarkets would sell this.
    Hope you can find it!

    1. Chobiro-san,
      Are you stationed in Japan or U.S.? I currently live in the states. Can I buy this is U.S.?

    2. Hi Znam-san,
      I live in the states now but I bought this in Japan.
      It'd be difficult to find this in the US because of the import/export law and/or the demand of this product, which I don't think that high...

    3. I c, Thanks for the reply. I see demand of this product by the egg isles in supermarket as long as we localize the flavor.

    4. No problem!
      I agree, if it's sold with egg isles like Pepsi with Lays, it'd catch some attentions ;)