Taco Rice Bowl From Taco Bell

(Japanese follows. / 日本語は以下へ続く。)

On April 21, 2015, Taco Bell re-opened in Shibuya, Tokyo.
In 1980s, there're several shops in Tokyo and Nagoya, but they're all closed and only U.S. bases in Japan still had the chain till now.

"Established in California"

Taco Bell is an American fast food chain founded by Glen Bell in Irvine, California in 1962.
The items are reasonable, they have soft and hard shell to choose from and time to time they launch limited time items, so sometimes I go to Taco Bell like other fast food chains.

On the 21st, they opened the door at 10 AM, and some people waited from the night before and the waiting time was 3 hours.
When I heard 3 hours for Taco Bell, I was like, "no thank you," but I wanted to see what it is like in Japan so I went there today in the morning.

Here is the review through time.
9:54 AM: I got to the shop, and there're about 20 people before me.

10:00 AM: The shop opened and the queue proceeded to the inside.
The interior was as clean and nice as the outside, and it's very different from the ones in the states.
Here, it looked like a cafe.
There's another eating space in the basement.

While waiting in the line, a man in suit provided menus.

There're 4 boards for "how to order."
1. Pick your product.
2. Choose your meat.
3. Add some heat. --- to choose the sauce, thus there're no sauce pouches that you can take as many as you like.
4. Select a side.

10:35 AM: I finally placed my order, Taco Rice Bowl, which is available only in Japan besides Shrimp & Avocado Burrito.
When I asked for some water, the cashier was about to give me a bottle of mineral water which is NOT free, so I said, "tap water (水道水, Suidosui)," then they gave me a cup of water.

The cashier didn't give me a receipt and said it'd be provided when my item was ready.
I only got a beeper, and the alarm went off in about 2 minutes.
There're plastic utensils with wet nap napkins and paper napkins at the counter to receive items.

Taco Rice Bowl (and free water), but nobody gave me a receipt...

Taco Rice is a popular dish from Okinawa, and it consists of lettuce, tomato, cheese and seasoned ground meat which are used in tacos, and they're put over rice.

I saw some parsley also.
The rice is orange and had tomato flavor as they use Mexican rice for this bowl.

The tray was about 15cm (5.9 inch) in diameter.

To scoop rice, tomato and cheddar cheese was easy, but the lettuce was hard to pick up as they're long.
I think if the lettuce had been cut into pieces like tomatoes, it'd have been easier to eat with a spoon.
The beef was seasoned very well and tasted the same as the those used in tacos.
Vegetables were fresh and crunchy, and not dried.
The rice had some sour tomato flavor, and it tasted like "ketchup rice," which is rice seasoned with ketchup.
I thought they may use white (unseasoned) rice, but thanks to Mexican rice, it's flavorful and   I actually enjoyed this bowl.
The quality was same as ordinary Taco Bell, but the slow service can't be called "fast food" while its sales point is the speed.

On the paper, there're descriptions of the items and some were weird and funny.
Shrimp & Avocado Burrito: A Japanese Original --- It's "Engrish" and it had better be "a Japan Orignial."
Fajita Burrito Meat + Veggie = Happiness --- Fajita and Burrito are different items, but why are they combined???
Quesadilla: Melted Cheese Heaven
Two Tacos Supreme: The Godfather Of Tacos --- Never heard the definition, "godfather of tacos"... 
Crunchwrap Supreme: The Complete Package --- The details in Japanese says, "crunchy fried tostada," but tostada means fried tortilla, thus, it'll be "fried fried tortilla" if it's literally translated into English.
Nachos: Dip, Scoop, Share, Love --- Just I don't know why "love" is used for nachos.

Though, the weirdest and dumbest description by far must be this "Two Tacos Supreme."
In Japanese, at the asterisk says, "You can mix 1 corn and 1 tortilla each!"
However, "tortilla" means both hard (corn) shells and soft (flour) shells, thus, this definition is just so wrong.
I bet they means hard shell by "corn" and soft shell by "tortilla" though.

11:00 AM: When I left the shop, there's much longer line outside though there're a lot of empty seats inside.

Long queue: To receive items after ordering takes very long, and that causes a huge queue outside.
Pricey: Many items are charged about double the priced in the states. (1 taco costs less than a dollar in the U.S.)
Narrow varieties: Items available were very limited, and the sauce must be chosen when you order, thus, there're no sauce pouches you can freely take.
Water: Usually, other fast food chains give me a cup of tap water when I ask some water, but here, they tired to give me a bottle of mineral water, which needs to be paid for.
So when I said, "tap water (水道水, Suidosui)," they gave me a cup of gratis water.
Weird description: Or I shall say, "wrong understanding," but I don't think they studied the items well before translating (like "tortilla" and "fajita burrito" I mentioned in the review).
Unhygienic: Not all the kitchen staffs were wearing aprons and sometimes the food and tray were touching their clothes (at the stomach), and it's quite disgusting.
The reason they put glass windows for the kitchen is to show the ingredients and how they cook, but it worked negatively.
Inconsistency: The cashier who took care of me said the receipt would be given when I receive my item, but none gave me receipt while others were given receipt when they paid.

Taco Rice Bowl: 530 JPY (before tax)

Taco Bell (Shibuya) / タコベル(渋谷)
2-25-14, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Open: 10 AM ~ 11 PM

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タコベルは米国のメキシカン ファストフードチェーンで、1962年にカリフォルニア州


9時54分: タコベルに到着すると、既に20人ほどが並んでいた。
10時00分: 列が店内に進んだ。
1. 商品を選ぶ
2. お肉を選ぶ
3. 辛さを選ぶ --- 米国では小袋入りのソースが置いてあり好きなだけ取ることができる
4. サイドメニューを選ぶ

10時35分: やっと日本限定メニューの「タコライス」を注文できた。
他の日本限定メニューは「シュリンプ&アボカド ブリトー。




シュリンプ&アボカド ブリトー: 「日本オリジナル」--- 間違った英語が使われていた。
ファヒータ ブリトー: 肉+野菜=幸せ --- ファヒータとブリトーは別物なので、1つに
ケサディーヤ: 溶けたチーズ天国お
2タコス スプリーム: タコスのゴッドファーザー --- ゴッドファーザー(ボス、親玉)と
クランチラップ スプリーム: 一式、全て含まれたもの --- 日本語の説明に「カリッと
するので、文字通りに英訳すると「揚げたフライド トルティーヤ」になってしまう。
ナチョス: ディップ、スクープ、シェア、ラブ --- なぜナチョスに「愛」が入っているのか

群を抜いて変な表記は「2タコス スプリーム」の米印(※)にある以下の文章。
「※ コーン、トルティーヤ各1つずつ組み合わせもOK!」

11時00分: 退店時、店内には空席が沢山あったけれど、もっと長い列が外にできていた。

行列の理由: 注文から商品提供までが遅いので、列が進まないのだと思う。
値段が高い: アメリカの倍以上の値段で提供されている。(米国ではタコスは1ドルも
商品数が少ない: 選べる商品数が少なく、ソースは注文時に選ぶため、米国のように
: 水を頼むと他のチェーンではすぐにカップに水を入れてくれるが、ここでは有料の
妙な商品説明: もしくは「間違った理解」と言うべきか、翻訳する前に商品について
ちゃんと勉強していないと思う。(例: レビュー内の「トルティーヤ」「ファヒータ 
不衛生: 全てのキッチンスタッフがエプロンをしているわけではなく、たまに食べ物や
矛盾: 私のレジ担当は、レシートは商品と一緒に渡されると言っていたけれど、結局

タコライス: 530円(税抜)

ビーフィー フリートス ブリトー
シラチャ ケサリト
スターバースト ストロベリー フリーズ

チキン ビスケットタコス ハラペーニョハニー

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  1. LOL!! I am not well-versed with cooking and ingredient terms so thanks a lot for clarifying them (one thing I love about your reviews is your elaborate description of the packaging and the whole presentation besides the food)! A shame about the corn and tortilla, I actually have corn-tortilla sheets in my fridge. LOL

    I've never been to Taco Bell before so I'm very interested in trying this. I hope they will open a branch or something. If I need to queue for hours for a fast food chain, I don't know how long the queue is when Dominique Ansel's shop hits Tokyo. Wow.

    1. Awwww, thank you!
      Last night, my husband and I went to Taco Bell to see if the line was still bad, then they stopped letting people before 10:30 PM without announcing anywhere because the Japanese HP only has links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram...
      And the guy outside said, "There're 15 customers inside waiting to order, so we can't let any people come in."
      We're like, "...." because he literally means that it takes them for several minutes to handle per customer and it's just insane >:(
      And today, when we went to see the line again, it went down near Big Camera, so I bet the waiting time is about 2 hours.

      I think the line for DA would as bad as the queues at Tokyo Disneyland...

    2. Service is still not fast enough for a fast food chain. Still new, I guess. I went to Shibuya today and the line stretched to LABI, think I'll get back another time...

    3. Yeah, they're still "new" and in other words, they're not trained well ^^;

      I wish at least the customer service was better; a guy in suit outside to handle customers wasn't professionally treating people, and I'd say it's a huge problem.