McDonald's Japan Launched "Cheese Potato Dip" With Arrabbiata Sauce Today, And Somehow It Tasted Like Rice Croquette???

Today, December 11, 2013, McDonald's Japan launched a new hot side menu called "Cheese Potato Dip" for a limited time, of which will be available till early in January, 2014.

And I happened to know it a couple of days ago and was telling my husband about it, but he already knew it and bought a box for me for lunch today.

Before the review, here's the info of the new product.
Cheese Potato Dip consists of 5pcs of cheese potatoes which are fried crispy outside and a package of Arrabbiata sauce.

The price is 150 JPY (tax included).
Cheese Potato Dip is fried potato made with Cheddar cheese and Mozzarella cheese mixed with minced potatoes, and dip in the Arrabbiata sauce, which goes well with the fry.

This Arrabbiata sauce was created only for this Cheese Potato Dip, according to the press release.
Several spices and herbs like chili pepper  and basil are added Tomato paste to make this special dip. 

"Soft and warm potatoes with melting cheese surrounded by golden crispy batter, sourness from tomato with an accent from chili pepper's spiciness can make you want to dip over and over."

The last line was interesting.

Here is the actual product I got (from my husband).
The package.
i'm lovin' it
The lines are hilarious to me.
Same design and shape of the boxes used for burgers but smaller and shorter.
The dip sauce had the same packaging like the chicken nugget's sauce.

Inside of the package.
Cheese Potatoes looked good and crispy.
The dip sauce had some green leaves; basil.
Dip sauce over the Cheese Potato.
Now you can see clearly the basil here.

After a little bit, it looked like this.

 To be honest, somehow it tasted like rice croquette for me even thought it doesn't contain rice at all.
Maybe the minced potatoes gave me the the skinny rice shape and similar texture?
And I think another reason was that the Arrabbiata dip sauce.
It was far from ketchup but of course it's tomato base and has spices and herbs, so technically it's a vegetarian version tomato sauce.

Though it tasted interesting (to me), it wasn't bad and it's available for a limited time for cheap (150 JPY with the sauce), I'd love to get it another time for a little snack or just keep eating several boxes for lunch.

チーズポテトディップ (アラビアータソース付)

Cheese Potato Dip (comes with Arrabbiata sauce)
150 JPY (tax included)

Calories: 217kcal
Protein: 5.7g
Fat: 11.8g
Carbohydrate: 21.8g
Sodium Chloride Equivalent: 1.2g

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