First Time To Have Afternoon Tea At The Atrium Lounge, ANA Intercontinental Hotel

This is my third afternoon tea in December but this is with my high school friends.
When we're discussing which hotel we should go, then we decided to go to a hotel where none of us had been to.
And the hotel was ANA Intercontinental Hotel located by Tameike-Sanno station on several Tokyo Metro lines.

When I found this place on internet, I was pretty surprised that they charge significantly low.
I kept wondering if we could get several teas for the price.

If you come out from Tameike-Sanno station exit 13, it's right next to the exit and you won't miss the hotel.

In front of the sign, there're stairs and escalators to go to the front, which is on the 2nd floor.

This is the lobby with poinsettias, which is a return for the donation for the Philippines' typhoon damage.
The little cards had the donator's names.

Near the entrance, there's a desk/cashier for the Atrium Lounge and Cascade.
The table we're seated had Christmas/Holiday decoration with present boxes.
The waitresses were really nice and always smiling when they're taking orders and answering our questions or request.

This is the tea menu.
Mariage Freres, Flavored Tea, and Samova Special Blend Herbal Teas are using rare leaves and imported, so some weren't available today and we could only get 1 leaves from those 3 sections.
However, for the tea and coffee, we could change the leaves/coffee and get as much drink as we wanted.

My first drink was Chai.
I rarely order something strong (cinnamon) like Chai usually but I somehow wanted to try since I've never seen Chai on the menu for the afternoon tea.
A little jar contained condensed milk, which was totally new to me!
Maybe I should have poured more :(

This is the afternoon tea set for 3 persons.
To our surprise, nothing salty was on...
No scone, no sandwich or no veggies were a little bit weird to us.

Top plate

Second plate

Bottom plate

Cherry and Chocolate Tart
The cherry was pretty big and sourness went well with the sweet chocolate and crispy tart.
Somehow, my cherry contained a seed while my friends didn't find any in it.

Blueberry Tart
Little blueberries were set on the surface of the tart and topped with whipped cream and a slice of pistachio.

Strawberry Cake

This cake looked really adorable with the panther pattern on the top with shiny jelly coating.

It was sweet, moist and soft, but the outside, especially the edge, was crispy.

Dark chocolate and coffee cake topped with a coffee bean shaped chocolate.

Mont Blanc
It was a tiny mont blanc over slightly hard cake.

Orange Muffin
The dough was sweet and the orange added more sweetness but with refreshing citrus flavor.

Pistachio Macaron
The shell was crispy but didn't have the distinctive mushy texture.
It was more like baked meringue thin cookie.

Strawberry Macaron
The shell was too crispy like that of pistachio one.
Sweet and sour strawberry cream was good.

Hawaiian Berry
I ordered this for my second tea.
It had sweet scent and also it tasted sweet as it was.
Slightly the color was pink.

Earl Grey
My third drink was ordinary Earl Grey, which I've not had for a while.

As you can see, the lighting is different around this time (5:00PM) and the waitresses lit candles in the lounge and the lights were turned low.

The set of tea cup and saucer was unique but it was taking too much space as if I was having 2 saucers at the same time.
I wish the saucer was smaller...

This afternoon tea set is 2,500 JPY, which is the cheapest ever I've tried in Japan (except the ANA Crowne Hotel in Kanazawa).
However, we were all hoping to have a mix of salty and sweet finger foods on the high tea stand.
Even though we've got some sweet tooth, we're kind of sick afterwards and thinking to get something salty.

A remarkable point is that the waitresses were all nice and always happily serving beverages and foods though the price is low.
And the uniform was similar to Shangri-La's Chinese-ish outfit; black skirt with long slit and red short jacket.

Cheap, but only sweets.
More expensive, but varieties of foods.
It's hard to choose but if the difference isn't too much, I'd rather have the latter afternoon tea set.

Atrium Lounge / アトリウムラウンジ
2nd floor, ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo
1-12-33, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
ANAインターコンチネンタルホテル東京 2階

Weekdays: 3:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM
Sat, Sun, and Holidays: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Charge: 2,500 JPY (tax included) + 10% of service charge

I found a 10% off coupon on the homepage so it somehow got cheaper than 2,500 JPY.
The coupon can't be used on certain days, so please check the webpage before using. 

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