Holiday Menu Is Available At The Peak Lounge From December 1, 2013 - January 5, 2014

We've been to the Peak Lounge at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, but recently I've been there with my husband only.
However, as a part of our farewell party part 1, I booked a table for 6 guests.

Somehow, these days they never pick up the phone which is set at the lounge, so I've been calling at the hotel and ask the person on the phone to put me through to the lounge.

On weekends, it's pretty full and hard to get widow side, but we've been sitting at the window side and they informed us beforehand that it'd be difficult to let us sit with nice view, we're fine with it.

The afternoon tea set and the high tea set are usually 3,900 JPY, but from December 1, 2013 - January 5, 2014, they're providing "Holiday Menu" for 4,500 JPY + 13% of service charge.
As it's limited time only, we wanted to see what the difference between the regular menu.

Not only the afternoon tea set, all the Park Hyatt Tokyo was decorated for holiday theme, mainly Christmas.

This is the entrance at the 2nd floor.
Usually "Gutsy" on the wall doesn't wear wear this green big ribbon, but he's dressed up, too.

At the pastry boutique, it's decorated for Christmas.
The candle were real and lit up.
Inside of the Pastry Boutique.
The little colorul trees were made with Konpeito*, confeito in Portuguese.
(* colorful star-shaped sugar)
Little snowmen and trees with stollens.
Ornaments are also made with Konpeito, cookies, and jelly beans.

By the pastry boutique, there's a little waiting are, and it's decorated, too.
2 corners had different trees, too.

Finally at the Peak Lounge, on the 41st floor.
More decorations.
With flash.

Our reservation was at 12:00, the earliest I could get and on weekends and holidays, they open from 12:00, too, and when we got there and said my name, I saw a big line for the afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea and high tea's Holiday Menu.
6 of us got afternoon tea sets.

Here's the tea menus.

I ordered Cinnamon, Orange Peel, and Green tea for the first drink.
It was my first time to try this tea and it was really interesting to have green tea with some citrus scent and spice.

The afternoon tea set for 2 persons.
Sandwiches were the same ones from November.
Warm plain scone would be served later.
Clotted cream and berry berry jam.
My husband loves this jam and he technically used the whole portion by himself.

Sweet Potatoes, Black Sesame, Crispy Bacon
The saltiness from bacon made the sweet potatoes sweeter.

Parma Ham, Tomatoes, Basil, Mozzarella Cheese
The bread was similar to ciabatta.

Tuna, Carrots, Raisins, Mayonnaise
This time again, I could handle this even though I hate mayo.

This is my second drink, Original Blend.
It's a mix of Darjeeling, Assam, and Uva leaves.

Ginger Orange Scone served with Chocolate Sauce
The orange peel was refreshing and this tasted really good as it was.
And with chocolate sauce, it was sweet, sour and bitter flavors all together.
With clotted cream and berry berry jam was also good.

Milk Chocolate And Dark Chocolate Mousse
The cake was sweet and bitter with star-shaped chocolate and pistachios.

Strawberry Tartlet
the strawberries were fresh and the tartlet was crispy.

Pistachio Pound Cake
I didn't taste pistachio and thought it was matcha (green tea).

Here comes little finger foods and petit sweets.
Tomato and mozzarella pinchos with balsamic vinegar

Chicken rillette with vegetables
It was quite good!

Quiche with chorizo

Pumpkin soup

Warm plain scone was served.

My third drink, Kabuse Karigane-Cha.
It had some roasted flavor.

Finger foods and petit sweets continues.
Maple madeleine

Matcha cake

Mandarin orange jelly with chocolate mousse

Black sesame madeleine

Kiwi and guimauve

My favorite, chocolate bouchee.

My fourth drink was Kabuse-Cha (straight green tea).

Quiche with beef patty

Salmon mousse with vegetables

French toast with blueberry sauce

I had every single finger foods and desserts, and many of us at the table did the same.
So I think we had 3 times more than the plates below.

To be honest, I don't get the reason why it's called holiday menu since Christmas themed confectionery was the chocolate cake with star-shaped chocolate.
But many hotels are sort of having "Christmas menu" with not-much-special foods but with extra fees, this helped me think that it's "normal" or what the hotels do.

As it was packed, so to get drinks were taking 10 - 20 minutes and also some drinks (herb tea sections) are usually served with a glass pot, glass cup and saucer, however it's served in a regular porcelain pots and cups.

At the Girandole, it's usually decorated with flowers but as it's holiday season, they made it into a Christmas tree.

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