Family Mart Sells "Ramenman" Which Contains Mild Dandan Noodles

Kininnikuman is a manga created by Yudetamago, which is a duo of Yoshinori Nakai and Takashi Shimada.
First manga came out in 1979 and it's still on going.

I remember having watched the manga on TV and the most famous character would be Kinnnikuman, the same name character of the manga.
There're some other characters I know and one of them is called "Ramenman."
Literal translation would be "a man of ramen."

Short but proper description of Ramenman was on Wikipedia.
"A Chinese martial arts Chojin who is known for his brutal fighting style. He became so popular that he got his own spin-off series called "Tatake!! Ramenmae."
It is said that his favorite food is Ramen, FYI.

Ramenman steamed bun was created under collaboration with Yudetamago and it's launched on December 3, 2013. The steamed bun is designed his face.
And the filling is Dandan noodles, not ramen unfortunately.
Usually Dandan noodles are spicy but this filling is cooked for mild-spiciness.

This is the sticker on the steamer.
*I got a permission to take this photo at Family Mart.
The characters are both Ramenman even though the on the right looks scarier or stronger while the one on the left looks kind of cute.

By the cuter Ramenman, it says, "飛翔龍尾脚~!" and it's pronounced as ひしょうりゅうびきゃく(Hishou Ryubikyaku).
It's a type of art/trick of Ramenman. 
After jumping over the opponent, Ramenman kicks back of the opponent's head with both legs. 

As I was gonna eat soon so that I didn't get the plastic bag but this paper pocket wrapper.

Here's the Ramenman steamed bun.
It resembles really well.

This bun copies Ramenman's details a lot.
Eye, mouth, mustache, queue (hairstyle), and even a letter on his forehead is the same!

The queue.
This one is a plain black string, but it's braid in the actual manga.

" 中 " on his forehead.

Dandan noodles with vegetables inside.

As the sticker on the steamer says "辛さマイルド" (mild spiciness), it wasn't spicy and even tasted sweet from vegetables or some starch they used.
Personally, I prefer spicy filling so that the image of the Ramenman can be described more.

The paper underneath the steamed bun was cute, too.
The same Ramenman on the sticker.

ラーメンまん / Ramenman
Price:180 JPY
Calories: 192 kcal

Sold at Family Mart while supplies last.

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