Every Friday, You Can Pick Up Fujiya's Apple Pie You Reserved At Daily Yamazaki On Fridays

When I went to Daily Yamazaki, a conbini chain, to look for Lunch Packs, I happened to find an interesting advertisement screen playing on the cash register.
The ad said that at Daily Yamazaki, I can pick up Fujiya's apple pie on Fridays.
I didn't know that Daily Yamazaki has some sort of collaboration with Fujiya and lets customers buy (technically to receive) Fujiya's apple pie.

On the way home, I kept mumbling to myself, "Daily... Fujiya... apple pie...." to remember and research the details.
When I told this story to my friends, they said I just could have searched on my iPhone, which is so true...

Anyway, when I got home and opened my PC, I researched for "Daily Yamazaki, Fujiya, Apple Pie" in Japanese and the homepage came up pretty quickly.

According to the site, I could reserve the apple pie 4 days before the pick-up date.
The deadline for the reservation is every Monday, to make it clear.
And the pick-up date is always Fridays, not other days.

December, I could only get the apple pie on the 6th or the 13th, however, as I was leaving Japan on the 12th, only chance I got was to receive was the 6th.
So I booked one whole apple pie though my husband doesn't like apple comport as they only have a whole apple pie.

On the official homepage, there's a description about the apple pie.
We made the pie sheet gently weaving, and lined comport apples with syrup.
This pie is really rich.
To add an accent, we put raisins.

Size: 18cm (diameter) --- for 3~4 persons
Allergic ingredients: eggs, milk, wheat, soybean, apple, and gelatin.
Price: 1,050 JPY (tax included)

Once I put the apple pie into a cart online, I needed to choose a Daily Yamazaki branch to pick up.
I could also choose the time range to pick up the apple pie and I wanted to receive it as early as possible so I set it between 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM.

On December 6th, I went to the closest Daily Yamazaki to pick up my first apple pie from Fujiya.

When I showed a confirmation e-mail, the cashier seemed not to see my name or number, however quickly went to the back of the store to pick up my apple pie.
I was thinking maybe not many would pick up apple pie around noon on the weekdays or the branch rarely get an order for the apple pie.

Here is the box of the apple pie.

Best before December 9, 2013, so this apple pie is good for up to 4 days.

I saw risen pie crust and it had sweet scent of butter and apple.

This is the apple pie.

Close look.

From the top.

Inside of the pie.
I was thinking it'd be thinly sliced apples and not that much.
However, this apple pie failed me in a good way; the amount of apple comport was much bigger than I thought.
And I saw some raisins there, too.

From the side of a quarter of the apple pie.

See the big apple chunks?

Raisin and apple comport.

I used a regular sized fork and the size of the tip was about 5cm.

I was really disappointed that I didn't know about this till the last minute I was about to leave Japan.
This apple pie was as good as you can have at cake shops or restaurants.
Considering the amount of the apples, raisins, butter-rich pie dough and the size besides the taste, this Fujiya's apple pie was very reasonable and could be substituted for a birthday cake if the b-day person isn't a big fan of whipped cream.
Also, the fact that you can only buy this apple pie once a week and that you need to reserve in advance make this confectionery tastier and more special.

**Reservation is a must.**
**Reservation needs to be completed 4 days before the pick-up.**
**Only picked up on Fridays at Daily Yamazaki Store you chose.**

Size: 18cm (diameter)
Price: 1,050 JPY (tax included)

Allergic ingredients: eggs, milk, wheat, soybean, apple, and gelatin.

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