A Little Coffee Shop In Asagaya Is Filled With Panda Plates And Panda Goods

I read an article about a coffee shop nearby town where I used to live.
The coffee shop is somehow famous for foreigners too and the reason is that the shop has very cute panda motif dishes and drinks, besides they sell a lot of panda goods in the coffee shop which is filled with pandas.

The article came out last month, so I was waiting for a while till the possibly-super-busy time is over.

And today, I decided to aim to get there around 2:30PM hoping there'd be less people eating lunch.
When I got there, it was a little bit after 2:30PM and maybe one third of the tables were taken.
The coffee shop is pretty small and there're maybe 10 tables with 1 or 2 chairs.

It was easy to find since there're pandas outside though the HP says it's easy to miss this place.

The stairs are pretty steep and there's a note to watch your head as the ceiling is low.
Another panda was waiting by the door.
As the coffee shop had some empty tables, I could choose one and I sat one of them.
On the table, these little pandas were displayed and each table had different pandas.
This is a cup to put bill in.
In Japan, unless it's fancy restaurant, they tend to bring a piece of slip to the table after all the ordered items have arrived and put into a cup like this.
This was wooden cup but the material can be wood or plastic depending on the eateries.

I ordered Omelette Rice with lunch set drink, but I added 200 JPY to have panda hot cocoa.
I took some photos of the coffee shop while waiting my omelette.
This is the window.
A panda on a bicycle.
So many pandas.
Lamp is of course panda motif, too.
The other side of the lamp. 
Bamboo design.

This is my omelette rice.
*The panda face changes at times.

My panda is smiling with a heart.

The case the spoon and paper napkins were set had also panda cloth at the bottom.

The white square center top is white sauce.
The egg was so and formy outside.
The veggies are eryngii, shimeji, bacon and green pepper.

A shimeji hung from the spoon.

Green pepper and shimeji.

No photo but there're a lot of cut eryngii in the rice.

This type of rice is called "ketchup rice" and it's flavored with ketchup.
The ketchup rice was sour as if the ketchup wasn't simmered in a pan to let the sourness evaporate.
As I heard "zap," the microwave noise several times after I ordered, so my guess is they microwave the rice and the white sauce center top.
However, the egg was half cooked and soft like perfect, so I wonder how they cooked the egg.

When I finished the omelette rice, the owner brought me hot cocoa.
*The pattern differs randomly.
My panda looks like giving a hug?
This hot cocoa was not too sweet.
Maybe it's thanks to the cocoa powdered panda on the top.
I was sipping the hot cocoa at first trying not to destroy the smiling panda, but once I saw the bigger arm was deforming, I stirred and then panda was completely gone.

Even the sugar stick had panda pattern.


When I think of panda, I picture then in China.
But the the design on the cup is totally different, it's Russia.

Cossack dance.

Matryoshka dolls with Saint Basil's Cathedral images.

Center of the saucer, I found more Matryoshka dolls.

By the door, there's a panda phone.
And to my surprise, there's note on the phone handle, and it says it's connected so that don't take the earpiece up.
On the way out, there's another panda saying, "Thank you for coming."

And there's another notice to watch out your head.
I'm 163cm (5.34 feet) and was wearing sneakers, but actually my head touched the ceiling while going up and down this stairs.
If you're taller or wearing high heels, please be careful.

If you like panda, this place might be interesting to visit.
The inside was pretty quiet and shop is providing a comfortable atmosphere.
But if you're not that excited about the animal and looking for high-quality dishes, this might not satisfy you.

Omelette Rice (drink set) is 1,000 JPY --- lunch time price
Hot cocoa is 600 JPY, but I could get it a part of lunch set adding 200 JPY
Total: 1,200 JPY

Panda Coffee Shop / パンダ珈琲店
2F, 3-31-14, Asagaya-Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
東京都杉並区阿佐谷南3-31-14 戸門中杉2F

Hours open
Weekdays: 11:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM (order stop 8:00 PM)
Sat, Sun, Holidays: 11:00 AM ~ 7:00 PM (order stop 6:00 PM)
*Lunch time is till 4:00 PM 
Closed on Wednesdays

平日: 11:00 ~ 21:00 (ラストオーダー 20:00)
土日祝: 11:00 ~ 19:00 (ラストオーダー 18:00)

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