A Name Of Local Train Station On A Mint Case Is Something New And Interesting

I was back to my hometown over the weekend and I used one of the local stations in the city to get off and on the limited express, I stopped by at a conbini to buy some foods.

The station is called Takaoka station in Toayam prefecture, and the station works as terminal for existing/local lines, limited express lines, night trains and freight lines.
The conbini I stopped by is located the very in front of the ticket gate and the name of the conbini is "CHAO," which I've never heard EVER before so I guess it's a hometown chain or there could be only this one conbini.

At the cash desk, I saw a mint case with the name of the station is on.
However, at that moment, I didn't buy as I rarely have mint tablet since sometimes it's too strong.
But after finishing some onigiri (rice ball), I kind of wanna get the mint case, so I went back to the bonbini and bought one.

The mint case is similar to Frisk, but it's not related and the maker is different.
*In Japan, Frisk is imported by Kracie Foods Ltd.
Takaoka station is between Nishi-Takaoka station and Etchu-Daimon on Hokuriku Honsen, thus this package is related to the line.
The package design copies the actual sign board (running in board) at the station.

Without the film.

The tablets inside were as same as Frisk; white, little, and round.
And this tasted exactly same as Frisk but I think the scent leaks and my bag smells like as if the bag ate a piece.

The back side has some information about this product and I finally knew the actual name of this mint.
The official name is 「駅名ミント」 which is "Ekimei Minto" meaning "mint with station name."
It's produced in Japan and the vendor is not the one who distributes Frisk.

This is my first time to see a mint case with a station name, especially not-the-biggest in a prefecture as a friend of mine said she used to have one with Kobe on it.

If they could produce each station's name like the ones in the boonies, this would be helpful and appealing to various passengers.
And if there's any interesting station name, I'd love to search and get one.
Though I rarely go back to my parents' home, I'd love to have one which has the name of the closest station I used to use in my hometown.

The case says it's approved by JR West.

250 JPY

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