A Sweet Bread Made With Tofu

At a supermarket, I found an interesting sweet bread.
The name is "Otofu Cream Pan" from Pasco and this contains tofu in the bread and also in the cream.
*Pan means "bread" in Japanese.

These days, it's not that rare to see confectioneries or bread using soy milk or whole wheat, but this sweet bread with tofu was new to me.
And usually the product name is written horizontally, but it's vertical writing.
It might be because the main ingredient is tofu, bean curd.

On the left side, the fact that the dough and cream are made with tofu is mentioned.
"Kneading domestic soybean cream into dough, 
and the dough wraps the tofu cream made with domestic soybean and baked."

On the right top, there's a red circle indicating the soybeans used in this product were grown in Japan.

This is the bread in the package.
It was a little square and risen bread with golden top.

The bread was airy and light, but the tofu cream was much richer and creamer than I thought.
The cream was smooth and velvety.
Before I tried this, I was thinking that this wouldn't have much tofu or soybean flavor in it, however, the filling was sweet first and later, the familiar scent of soybeans came out and remained.

The bread itself had some sweetness but didn't have tofu taste at all.
I liked this filling as it's similar to regular milk filling but seemed slightly healthier and I liked the tofu flavor.

Calories: 315kcal
Protein: 6.8g
Fat: 14.9g
Carbohydrate: 38.4g
Natrium: 234mg (equivalent sodium chloride: 0.6g)

On the ingredients list, tofu flower paste was the first thing to be mentioned, so as it tasted, this uses plenty amount of tofu or soybean related ingredients.

Manufacturer: Pasco
98 JPY

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