Pumpkin Flavor Joins MUJI's Baumkuchen Series

I stopped by MUJI yesterday and found some new goods including sweets.
One of the flavors was pumpkin.
They have several regular flavors but also add seasonal flavors almost every season.

This fall, they added pumpkin flavor.
I've seen many makers and brands produce sweets with fall fruits or vegetables, especially pumpkin and sweet potatoes.
Some items go on sale for a certain period and the new baumkuchen and some other snacks are sold a little bit cheaper than the retail price.

It's been  a long time since I bought the MUJI baumkuchen because the calories are really high; the average is about 500 kcal.
The pumpkin wasn't exception, it's 529 kcal...

The dough contains pumpkin so that it has sweetness and richness of pumpkin, according to the package.
This pumpkin flavor was stored with other flavors but this was the most vivid and outstanding baumkuchen in the shelf as the other flavors have almost the same color unless it's chocolate dough or chocolate coated.

This is the pumpkin baumkuchen.
You can see many layers in it.
When I opened the package, I could smell cinnamon and tasted some spice, however, on the ingredients list, there's no description of any of the flavors I sensed. 

It was moist and soft, also it definitely had sweetness of real pumpkin.
Thought it's super high calorie confectionery, I ate this for breakfast so I feel less guilty.
This is delicious but to have less calorie, I wish they sell this in a small portion like cut baumkuchen.

158 JPY 
*Till November 28, it's 142 JPY

<Nutrition> --- 127g per package
Calories: 529kcal
Protein: 8.3g
Fat: 29.1g
Carbohydrate: 58.5g
Natrium: 122mg

<Allergic substance>
Egg, milk, wheat, and soybean

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