Visit To A Japanese Restaurant "Kozue" Completed Our Tour Of The Park Hyatt

We've been to Park Hyatt Tokyo a lot and most of the time it's for the afternoon tea held at the Peak Lounge on the 41st floor.
And we've been wanting for visiting a Japanese restaurant called Kozue for a while, and we decided to go there for our anniversary lunch.
We booked via internet and requested some arrangement for certain ingredients in advance.

Those who haven't been to Park Hyatt Tokyo, the elevator might be a little bit confusing so here's one of the way we took.
We got to the hotel and took an elevator to the 41st floor, where the Peak Lounge (daytime) and the Peak Bar (nighttime) are located.
After getting out of the elevator, we turned to the right where has a different look; warm, slightly dark, carpeted floor, etc.
A few steps away, there're names of restaurants and halls on the 40th floor on the stone walls.
Taking the staircase, we got to the 40th floor where the Kozue is located.
This is the entrance.
A replica of big black metal armor. 
Inside of the restaurant.
All the waitresses were in Kimono and there're colorful but sophisticated decoration like rice bales and wooden chests.
The red and yellow cloth are wrapping boxes.
On the menu, there're some kinds which are served in tired food boxes.
I think when the meal in that box is served to customers, waitresses unwrap and serve. 

We're at a table by the window and the table was set.
The trays looked hand-painted so that the patterns were not exactly same.
Also, my chopstick rest was different from my husband.
On the corner of the table, there's a plant with berries in a small dish.

*You can check the menus online also and there's a note that some ingredients could differ from the menu.
I already decided what to get about a week ago; Tendon set.

My husband ordered Soba set with some arranged ingredients.
The Soba set comes with 3 different styles of soba and sesame tofu, rice, and Japanese pickles.
From a different angle.
The rice was white rice and no mushrooms was in it. *different from the menu.

This is a bowl of dipping soup for white soba.
Usually it uses pork but they instead put deep-fried tofu, and also there's grifola frondosa, too.
This dipping soup had rich flavor of grifola frondosa in soy sauce base.
This soba came with tempura, grated daikon radish and grated ginger.
The radish and ginger are to put in a dipping sauce, which is in a blue and white grid patterned cup.
Grated daikon radish and naganeki onion (leek) on top.
Sesame tofu with wasabi and tonburi (bassia scoparia).
This tofu was thick and smooth, and the sesame sauce was so flavorful.

This is my Tendon set.
Tempura; 2 shrimps, grifola frondosa, eggplant, squid, sweet potato, conger, and garland chrysanthemum.
2 shrimps were served its heads (also tempura).
The bowl was deep so that the white spoon in the middle of the tray was to dig it if needed.
There's more rice than I thought of.
The tempura sauce was so good and I wish I had an extra cup aside so that I could pour over the rice after eating all the tempura over the rice.
Japanese pickles; cucumber, takuan (daikon radish), cooked kelp, and mix of carrots, daikon radish, and spinach --- I can't be quite positive what exactly they really were but something like that.
Simmered tofu dumpling with shrimp inside, turnip, and kikuna green.
Turnip (triangle shaped); all the corners were chamfered so that the ingredient can keep the shape and won't get mushy.
Yellow dots are yuzu zest was sprinkled.
The bowl was not only traditional but also modern looking thanks to the colors.
Miso soup; nameko (gelatinous coated mushroom) and wheat gluten.
Dessert was red bean jelly with lily bulb and plum pulp.

It was our 3rd anniversary of our first date, so I called them one day before and they put a plate for each of us and it came with 2 skinny colorful candles.

The lunch menu we ordered came with tea, and we could choose one kind from 2 options.
Slimming tea for me, and rejuvenating tea for my husband.
Both had plum flavor but different taste.
Mine (slimming tea) was in a glass pot and rejuvenating tea for my husband was in a white pottery.

It was our first time to visit there and as we booked with some special request on food/ingredients, it was much easier to order.
The waitress who was in charge of our table came back to our table to make sure some ingredients are ok for my husband after checking with the chefs.

Also even though it was only one day before, they arranged the anniversary plate for us.
I asked them to put a plate on my husband dessert, but they actually put one for mine, too.
Before we asked, the waitress offered to take photos of us with the dessert while the candles were lit.

Additional photos from the Pastry Boutique.
Halloween is over so that the Jack O'lantern is gone but they put extra pumpkins and also chestnuts.

Kozue / 梢
40F, Park Hyatt Tokyo
3-7-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
東京都新宿区西新宿3-7-1  パークハイアット東京40階

Lunch: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Dinner: 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM

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