Mont Saint-Michel's Famous Omelette Restaurant Has A Branch In Yurakucho

One of the places I'd love to visit in my life is Mont Saint-Michel in France.
And the other day, one of the Japanese TV shows was showing France and they went to a famous omelette restaurant in the little island commune in Normandy.

The restaurant is called "La Mere Poulard," which was named after the founder, Madame Annette Poulard.
She started running an inn and created approximately 700 recipes.
Among those dishes, the most famous plate was "fluffy omelette" which has a texture as if the omelette is made of meringue.
This omelette only uses whole eggs into a copper bowl and beat the eggs rhythmically with a big whisk.

During the show, a manager of the restaurant said that there's a branch in Yurakucho.
So I thought of going to the Japanese branch first and see if I like the omelette.

Apparently, the Japanese branch opened on August 1st, 2011, which I didn't know.
As the Japanese TV show mentioned that restaurant, I booked before we went there.

When we got there, I saw a sign saying it's booked up till 9PM.
*Our reservation was at 7:30PM.

This photo was on the wall outside but I don' t know if it's the Madame A. Poulard or just an image of the history.
This sign was hung up high.
This wooden doors were so heavy....

Inside of the restaurant was actually full and constantly customers were leaving and coming in.
The menu was vivid red with white letters.
You can choose a la carte or 3 different course menus plus one kids menu, that is provided for kids under 6yrs.

We decided to have a "Traditional La Mere Poulard Course" which comes with hors d'oeuvre, omelette or marmite, dessert, and coffee or tea.
I read that the omelette would be big enough to share, so I got an omelette and my husband got pasta.

You can choose hors d'oeuvre from 8 dishes.
I chose "Christian Salad with Warm Camembert Cheese."

First I thought camembert cheese would be melted and poured over the salad, but the cheese was wrapped with dough, which was similar to wonton wrapper.
It was crispy, warm, and soft.
All the different texture made the green salad a little bit different.

This is the famous omelette.
It's much larger than I thought.
Looks so formy.
It's taking a lot of space of the plate.
Outside crispy and somehow tasted a bit salty like cheese.
The curve line part was fine bubble form and not cooked.
I liked the fold line part much better as it's cooked and not raw.
With this main plate, you can either get french fries or bread.
While waiting and eating, we heard some rhythm from the kitchen that was beating eggs.

For side dish, I chose "Mushrooms with Fresh Herbs."
There're several kinds of mushrooms like champignon, shiitake mushroom, eryngii, and a white frilly kind which i don't know the name.
Dessert, I chose "Apple Tarte Tatin."
It's served with a jar of sauce and it tasted like yogurt.

The total service was pretty slow so no wonder why it's pretty packed all the time.
And they're not paying much attention so we didn't get any glass of water till I asked when they brought main dishes.
Between each plate, it took long for them so if you want them to serve you first, you'd better ask them to.

For the omelette, to me it's not worth 1,890 JPY (a la carte price).
It was of course fluffy and it's using the original recipe but it was just half-raw formy omelette, which had only a half cooked part that I enjoyed.
If you like half raw and bubble egg, this omelette would satisfy you.

Reservation recommended.

La Mere Poulard / ラ・メール・プラール
Tokyo Intl. Forum    3-5-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
東京都千代田区丸の内3-5-1  東京国際フォーラム

Open: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM (Order Stops at 10:00 PM)

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