"Premium Roll Cake" From Lawson Has One-Day Only Version On The 22nd Every Month

Lawson is one of Japanese conbini chains and has its private dessert brand called "Uchi Cafe Sweets."
The private brand was launched in September, 2009 to compete with other conbini chains' private dessert brand and the main focus of the Uchi Cafe Sweets is to fulfill consumers with delicate and high quality sweets which have been sold at convenience stores for reasonable price. And the concept is to let consumers enjoy the sweets at home and in the office as if you can make anywhere like a relaxing cafe.

I've written 3 titles about the PB sweets.

The Premium Roll Cake is the very popular one among the sweets they have made.
The roll cake first came out on September 29, 2009, and in 6 months, the sales reached 18,000,000 pcs. 
And in 2010, Monde Selection chose this roll cake for the gold medal, which was the first conbini chilled dessert in the history.

*They've created seasonal flavors and limited flavors besides the original that has whipped cream in the center.

Recently I learned that on the 22nd of each month, they sell a special Premium Roll Cake in a special package.
Why is it only on the 22nd? Good question.
Please see a calender of this month below and check what exactly above the 22 is.
It's always the 15. ---> Subtracting 7 from 22, it should be 15.
In Japanese, one of the way to pronounce each number is "Ichi (1)" and "Go (5)."
And "Ichigo" means strawberry in Japanese.
Thus, every but only 22nd each month, Lawson puts a half piece of strawberry over the whipped cream in the roll cake and sell it for the same price.

I went to Lawson nearby and looked for the sweets section.
An advertising plate was inserted to announce it's a special version.
The plate has a little calender to explain the characteristic feature of this roll cake.
And it says that the price is the same even though they put a half strawberry.

I can clearly see there're strawberries in each package and see also the name of the product is special "with strawberry" and "without any extra charge."

Time to eat and see the product.
The package of the plastic spoon has "Uchi Cafe" on it.

As you can see, the package of the roll cake has a little calender on the left to show why it's only 22nd when it's got a strawberry topping.
Actual name of this Roll Cake is 「スプーンで食べる プレミアムロールケーキ」  but underneath, there's an additional info in parenthesis (いちごのせ).
スプーンで食べる means eat with a spoon, and プレミアムロールケーキ is Premium Roll Cake.
いちごのせ means strawberry is on (the roll cake).

This is an actual product.
Premium Roll Cake is a sliced roll cake and the sponge cake acts as a wall to hold the soft and light whipped cream. --- this is why the package says "eat with a spoon."

First bite.
The sponge cake was moist, soft, and sweet.
The whipped cream was also sweet but not too sugary and it's very light.

The strawberry was bigger than I thought and the thickness of the cut strawberry was about 2/3 of that of the whipped cream.

After eating half of the roll cake, I finally ate this strawberry.
Mmm, it's fresh and good.

Calories: 206kcal
Protein: 2.3g
Fat: 16.8g
Carbohydrate: 11.3g
Natrium: 33mg

150 JPY
With strawberry topping, the price is the same. --- This is nice!

Only available on the 22nd of each month at Lawson.
If you miss the date, you have to wait for another month.

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