Hash Beef Omelette Rice Doria At Hoshino Coffee Shop

Hoshino Coffee Shop is a chain in Japan and I've been to one in Shinjuku to have its souffle pancake and vanilla souffle.
However, according to a friend of mine, there's another Hoshino Coffee in Shinjuku where they have different meal menus.

Today, while I was wandering some shops in Shinjuku, I happened to find the one where provides omelette and doria in Shinjuku Alta, yet I learned there's another one, which is called "Shinjuku Souffle House" and this is the one my friend was telling me.

Meanwhile, I didn't know where the Souffle House was at that moment and decided to try the one in Shinjuku Alta.
When I was there around 3PM, there's no waiting line so I could sit as soon as I went into the place.
There're non-smoking area and smoking area, the latter of which was slightly smaller than the non-smoking area.

I ordered Hash Beef Omelette Rice Doria.
It's been a while I eat an omelette rice and I can't even remember when I had last time.

After about 10 minutes, my plate was brought.
First impression wasn't good...
I know that the food sample is just a sample but usually things come out exactly the same way most of the time in Japan.
But the as you can see, a mass of beef was in the sauce, of which looked much less than the sample or the menu book.
The height of the sauce was maybe 1-2mm.

The sauce had a skin on the surface, so mine might have been sitting a bit before they brought it to me.
Besides, the egg looked almost cooked all the way and only a few portion was raw.

I thought I could separate the chunk of beef, but it's impossible and any piece never came apart.

The egg was light and soft.
I expected it'd be much more flabby and less cooked, so it was a bit overcooked to me.
Most common omelette rice contains chicken rice seasoned with ketchup, but this one is hash beef, so it wasn't ketchup whereas it's seasoned with something else.
It's not evenly mixed so some white rice, dark part, and slightly colored rice, etc.

I'd say if this was served in a deeper bowl, it would have been much easier to pick up with a spoon and seemed there's more sauce.
I just did't understand why the had to use this shallow plate with stingy amount of hash beef sauce.

I think the quality of the plates could considerably vary from day to day, or even time to time, and also depends on cooks.

It was 930 JPY but I don't think it's worth that much.
Maybe I'd try other plates some other time but probably not this one.

Hoshino Coffee Shop / 星乃珈琲店
Shinjuku Studio Alta
B1 floor, 3-24-3 Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku, Tokyo
東京都新宿区新宿3-24-3 新宿スタジオアルタ B1

Open: 11:00 AM ~ 11:00 PM

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