Fall Flavored Afternoon Tea At The Peak Lounge

Thanks to Park Hyatt's tweet, I'm usually updated to what they have or will have.
I happened to see some twitter users' photos and saw some new sandwiches so my husband and I decided to go and try the new menu.
*We're there early in September, so it's been about 2 months.

We usually stop by at the pastry boutique on the 2nd floor, where they have seasonal pastries, confectioneries, and also a special decoration by the window.
Right now, it's decorated with Jack O'lantern with fall fruits and veggies like persimmon, pumpkin, and squash with colored leaves.
When my husband called to reserve, they said we might not be able to sit by the window, but we could sit by the window and luckily, it was the side we've never seated.
As always, the table was set nicely.
It's raining and cloudy so that we could see 2/3 of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government bldg. as the top was covered by fog.

The afternoon tea menu is below.

Drink menu is the same but here's the menu.
You can choose from the 3 pages as much as you want and can change the tea leaves or coffee.
We ordered 2 afternoon tea sets and I ordered Nilgiri for my first tea.

Nilgiri ---Sahyadri garden, 2012, India
The scent of Nilgri was similar to Darjeeling and it had a little bitterness.

We've been to the Peak Lounge a lot but today, I realized that the pot and cup are using 2 tones.
For the tea pot, the handle and the cover is white, but the body is pale cream-beige.
The cup, the handle is white but the body is cream-beige, too.

This is the afternoon tea set (for 2 persons).

Assorted Finger Sandwiches



Sweet Potatoes, Black Sesame, Crispy Bacon
薩摩芋と黒胡麻 クリスピーベーコン
Bacon was super thin and crispy. 
The saltiness in the bacon slice brought out the sweet potato flavor more.

Parma Ham, Tomatoes, Basil, Mozzarella Cheese
パルマハムとトマト バジル モッツァレラチーズ
The bread was like ciabatta and chewy.
I was glad that this didn't use mayo.

Tuna, Carrots, Raisins, Mayonnaise
ツナと人参 レーズン マヨネーズ
It wasn't full covered with mayo, so I could finish this piece by myself.

Chestnut Scone
It's served with coffee sauce.
The coffee sauce was thin like liquid and wasn't that sweet.
Chestnut scone contained chestnut chunks so that it definitely had roasted flavor.

*Plain cone will be brought later warm.

Raspberry Tartlet
The outside was crispy and the filling was as sweet as jam.

Orange Caramel Noisette
It was a flabby cake and the upper side was gooey and soft like bavarois, but the bottom was moist sponge cake with chocolate puffs.
I could enjoy different texture in this little piece.

Classic Chocolat Cake
クラシック ショコラ
This was a bitter chocolate cake.

I ordered my second drink, Darjeeling.
Darjeeling --- Jungpana Garden, First Flush, 2013, India
It had similar scent to green tea.

Warm scones were brought.
The waitress checked tables and see if the customers seemed to be ready for the warm plain scones and took notes from a little bit far from us. 
And they secretly count how many they needed to warm up and bring.
I had it with the coffee sauce, and also clotted cream and berry berry jam.

Unique aspect of the Peak Lounge is not only you can try any drink as much as you would like, but also you can get these little plates below which are brought by the waitresses.

Chorizo with Cajun Mayonnaise
A piece of chorizo was wrapped in a pie sheet.
The sausage was juicy and the pie was crunchy.
As a mayo hater, I didn't touch the sauce.

A half cherry tomato with mini mozzarella served with basil sauce.
It's perfect for a home party since it's easily prepared and picked up.

Caramel Madeleine
It had sweet caramel flavor and taste.

French Toast
It was still warm when I tried this.
Today, this was available only with blueberry jam.
I remember I tried it with orange marmalade jam.

Matcha Pound Cake
To have matcha (green tea) flavored pound cake was new to me.
I couldn't figure out the white cube in it; could be nuts or white chocolate.

Black Sesame Madeleine
Topped with sweet red beans (I think).
It had really dense black sesame flavor in it.

Blood Orange with Panna Cotta
Blood orange was sweet and sour, and the panna cotta was smooth.
The panna cotta was pretty sweet and milky so that this would have been tasted still good without this panna cotta.

Green Peas Mousse
It tasted exactly same as the real green peas and had bitterness of the skin.
It's really smooth, soft, and light.

Strawberry Guimauve with Kiwi Fruit
Strawberry flavored guimauve (marshmallow) was sweet and sour, and was the fresh kiwi fruit.
This went well very well together.

Chocolate Bouchee
This chocolate bouchee is always my favorite so there's no way to decline the offer :)

Sweet Corn Soup
This was something new to see and it's GOOD.
I wish they had this in a bigger bowl, even like in the tea cup.

Cheese Fritto
It's been my favorite, too.
It was warm and outside was crispy, the cheese inside was melting and soft.

My third tea was Exhale.
Exhale --- Linden, Chamomile, Lemon Grass
This tea was refreshing but also had some sweetness.

We came here at 3:30PM and stayed till close to 5:30PM.
Due to the rain and the season, outside was pretty dark and so was the Peak Lounge.
It's our first time to be there in dark when we had afternoon tea; we're there at night like 10PM before.
To see different atmosphere of the Peak Lounge was interesting too.
I saw waitresses started placing paper lantern on the tables.

Peak Lounge in Park Hyatt Tokyo / パークハイアット東京のピークラウンジ
41F in Park Hyatto Tokyo
3-7-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo


On Weekdays, 2:00PM - 5:00PM
On weekends, 12:00PM - 5:00PM

平日: 14:00 - 17:00
土日祝:12:00 - 17:00

They take reservation.

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