Bird Flavored Ice Cream #2: Budgerigar Flavored Ice Cream

The other day, I tried a cockatiel flavored ice cream.
Last night, I tried a budgerigar flavored ice cream.
A little board which was placed on the ice cream case explains flavor of this budgerigar ice cream.

"The taste is like a vanilla ice cream while you're grabbing a budgerigar and smelling the bird."
Barnyard millet, foxtail millet, glutinous millet, and other grains are processed to suave so that the fruit which budgerigar likes would go well while providing a harmony of the grains and fruits and also the bird smell.

I could see a lot of little grains but it was impossible to tell which one was which.
All the seeds / grains were pale color like yellow, white, and light brown so that it's less colorful to compare with the cockatiel ice cream.

This one contained a lot of puffed barley and the texture was like stale popcorn. 
The description says it's got vanilla flavor (with budgerigar in your hand), but this one tasted like milk with water, which was same as the cockatiel ice cream.

I couldn't find any apple piece but I finally found one at the bottom and this was twice as big as the one in the cockatiel ice cream.

Other than the different grains, it's pretty much the same as the cockatiel one, but thanks to the puffed barley, I liked this budgerigar flavored ice cream better.

Dairy products, sugar, emulsifier, stabilizer (polysaccharide thickener), barley, sorghum (Indian millet), glutinous millet, foxtail millet, barnyard millet, and ripe apples.

Contents: 100ml
315 JPY (5% of tax included)

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