Circle K Sunkus Produced Humongous Pudding And Sells For 2 Days Only

Circle K Sunkus announced that they produced a big big big version of its famous and long-selling pudding called "窯出しとろけるプリン (Oven-fresh melting pudding)" and only would sell on October 17 and 24, 2013.
*Please see the link above for the details about the pudding.

Summary of the press release is the following.
On October 17 and 24, 2013, Circle K Sunkus will launch a large version of Kamadashi Torokeru Purin (reading in Japanese of the product) nationwide but Hokkaido.
We produced this larger pudding to satisfy consumers' requests like "I'd love to eat stomachful of pudding." and "I wish there's a dessert what could be a little treat for myself."
Thus, we made 3 times bigger pudding so that consumers can fulfill their stomachs and hearts.
Each day, we'll provide 70,000 pcs respectively.
*Photo from Circle K Sunkus webpage.

FYI, Regular size is about 110ml and this huge one is 330ml.

As it's available only for 2 days and produced in a limited quantity, I really wanted to try this one, so I decided to go and get one for lunch.

This is the actual product.
It says BIG on the top but you may not recognize how big this one is.

I used a ruler to check the size.
The lid is about 9.5cm.

The height of the package is about 10cm (since the ruler has some space on the edge).

Underneath the lid, it's slightly smaller than the lid and is about 8.5cm.

When I buy conbini sweets, they give me small spoons.
However, as this pudding is tall and big, they gave me a regular spoon which is meant for bento box (lunch box) like curry, fried rice, soup, and etc.

Size of the spoon was 16cm.
It's difficult to see, but on the handle of the spoon, there're little star-shaped patterns.

The texture, taste, color, even vanilla beans were the same as the original pudding.
But this was really big...

It took me about 5-10 minutes to finish it all.
They definitely did a good job on making me full.
My stomach was seriously full of this sweet and melting pudding, and even I felt my stomach was getting cold with the incredible amount of the pudding.

If you'd like to get it, next time you can find would be on October 24, Thursday.

350 JPY (tax included)

<Nutrition> 330ml
Calories: 524kcal (about 2.91 times more than the regular size)
Protein: 9.9g (about 2.83 times more)
Fat: 30.7g (about 2.87 times more)
Carbohydrates: 51.4g (about 2.92 times more)
Natrium: 215.8mg (about 2.87 times more)

Available only at Circle K Sunkus and only on October 17 and 24, 2013.

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