KISS Collaborated With A Japanese Conbini Chain To Create A Special Steamed Bun

On October 15, a Japanese conbini chain called Circle K Sunkus launched a steamed bun.
It's not only a regular steamed bun, but it's created in collaboration with KISS, the worldwide American rock band.
I stopped by the closest Circle K Sunkus and was lucky enough to get the last piece in the steamer.

A big sign was on the steamer and what made me feel luckier was any kind of steamed bun was on sale.
The retail price is 128 JPY but I could get this for 100 JPY.

The ad says "食べると口から炎を吐くほど辛い!!"
That means "It's extremely hot as if you breathe out fire!!"
Mmmmm, I can handle spicy food ok, so we'll see....
This steamed bun is created for a visit of KISS' world tour in Japan.
The bun is called "激辛チリトマトまん (Geki Kara Chili Tomato Man / Super-hot chili tomato bun)" and has features to match with the image of the rock band.
And this is the very first tie-up steamed bun that KISS is involved. 
The bun contains bamboo charcoal to make it black and on the top, it's branded "KISS" with a hot iron. 
The filling is made with tomato paste, cut tomato, chili pepper, and also habanero pepper powder.
Using the habanero powder, this bun is made to be spicy enough for the spicy-hot food lovers.

The paper at the bottom has KISS members' makeups and there're 5 types.
4 are having just one makeup image, but the rare version has all the 4 makeups on a sheet.
To make it easy to compare, this is the KISS makeup.

However, you can't choose the sheet so it's up to the stocks of the conbini you go to.
And it's hard to see the patterns as it's facing down.

This is the KISS steamed bun.
It's got weird line but it's supposed to be smooth surface and there shouldn't be anything.

I'm impressed to see the iron pressed KISS logo.

This is the filling.
It was vivid red and smelled spicy.
Most of the foods which they say "super hot" doesn't affect me, and this is one of those.
Yet, I could definitely taste and smell the habanero pepper in it.
Tomato based filling with habanero pepper made this taste like spaghetti alla pescatore.
Other ingredients, I couldn't tell what they were. 
Maybe similar to regular steamed bun?
On the sticker over the steamer had allergy-provoking ingredients and they're milk and wheat only.

And the highlight of this KISS steamed bun, I got the one-in-a-million version!!

Calories: aprox. 201 kcal

Produced in a limited quantity and only available at Circle K Sunkus.

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