Imperial Hotel Holds A Premium Afternoon Tea In Tribute To J.M.W.Turner Exhibition

After our Tokyo's Top 5 afternoon tea tour, we still go to new places to try the afternoon tea.
The other day, we happened to remember that we're talking about Imperial Hotel's afternoon tea and when my husband researched the place, we found that they're having a premium afternoon tea meant for J.M.W. Turner exhibition held at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno.

J.M.W. Turner is a British Romantic landscape painter.
He tend to use yellow a lot but his least favorite color was green, thus most of the existing paintings are colored in yellow and yellow pigments.
According to a source, it's said that he said, "I wish I wouldn't have to draw woods (so that he doesn't need to use the color he hates)."

This is the lobby.

Inside of the elevator.

We arrived at the Imperial Hotel and went up to the 17th floor to go to Imperial Lounge Aqua, where the afternoon tea is provided.

They led us to a table by the window and the curtains were half closed as the sun was high and it's hot outside. (Yay, Japanese courtesy.)

The table was already set.
Wet napkin was the thickest I've ever seen.

This is the tea menu and you can choose any tea and coffee.
We could change the leaves or coffee to have another one.
I ordered Apple Queen from the flavored tea section to start.
It took them long to bring the tea and they brought a glass of water to us.

This is the afternoon tea menu.
The menu didn't say detailed description what the desserts, scones, or the jams are.

While waiting, I took some pictures of the Imperial Lounge Aqua.
There're some bottles of whiskies.
Near the entrance, there's an advertisement of the exhibition and a book.

This is Apple Queen.
The color was same as black tea but slightly red and had sweet apple flavor.
This is my first time to see china tea strainer.

Premium afternoon tea set came with a plate of white chocolate with the letter of TURNER.
From the bottom plate, it's sandwiches.
Seasonal sweets

Quiche of chestnut and porcini mushroom
It had great porcini mushroom flavor. 
I didn't taste any chestnut flavor or find chestnut piece in it.
It's a little bit cold but it tasted just fine.

Focaccia with white fish brandade and tomato
The white fish over the soft focaccia had nice saltiness.

Rolled sandwich of smoked chicken, apple, and celery
It was full of mayo so I gave to my husband.


Homemade scone
A scone having a cross on the top was something new.
This scone was lighter than other hotels but flavor was good.

Scone was served with clotted cream and blueberry jam.
Both of them came with butter knives, not little spoons.
The cups for these were pretty small so that keeping knives in place was a bit tough.

Little bread with orange peel
When I looked at this bread, I thought it's a mini melon pan (sweet bread using biscuit over the dough).
But it contained orange peel and the bread was soft.
This was good as it was but adding clotted cream and blueberry jam worked well, too.

Mini macaroon
It contained bitter caramel paste inside.
The shell was crispy but also had some chewiness, which most of the macaroons have.

Fruits pound cake
Various dried fruits were in the cake.

Vanilla pudding
Vanilla pudding topped with a piece of fresh blueberry and raspberry.
The pudding was as flabby as Jello, but otherwise the fruits may have sunk by the time they brought to us or we tried.
Black dots are vanilla beans.

Mont Blanc
Square cut mont blanc served with Imperial Hotel logo chocolate.

TURNER plate was made with white chocolate.
This was so thin that once I ate it, it started melting really quickly.

I tried different tea and it's Aqua original blend tea.
It had nice scent like darjiling but less bitter.
I added a piece of brown sugar and a bit of milk for the second cup.
With or without milk and sugar, this tea was great.

Premium afternoon tea was 3,500 JPY (tax included) + 10% of service charge = 3,850 JPY

*This Turner featured "Premium afternoon tea" is available from October 8 ~ November 30, 2013.

Imperial Lounge Aqua / インペリアルラウンジ アクア
17th floor of the Imperial Hotel
1-1-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
東京都千代田区内幸町1-1-1 帝国ホテル17階

Open: 11:30 AM - 6:00PM

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