Sailor Moon Musical "La Reconquista" Collaborated With A Karaoke Chain And Produced Special Mocktails

My husband and I with some friends went to see Sailor Moon Musical "La Reconquista" last month and yesterday, I happened to remember there's a karaoke chain collaborated with the Sailor Moon musical and produced special mocktails for a limited period while we're having some pancakes in Shinjuku.

The Karaoke chain is called "カラオケの鉄人 (Karaoke No Tetsujin / direct translation is "Iron Man of Karaoke") and all the special drinks are non-alcoholic beverages so that anyone can try them if they're adult or juvenile.

According to a website and the staff I asked to say the duration of the availability of this drinks is from September 13 - October 13, 2013. (The launch date is the first day of the musical this year, FYI.)
So we just luckily made it by 2 days!

However, not all the Karaoke no Tesujin, which we abbreviate to "KaraTesu," has this special drinks. 
We went to one in 新宿歌舞伎町 (Shinjuku Kabukicho), and besides that, 中野 (Nakano) and 高田馬場 (Takada No Baba) are having this campaign too.

The Kabukicho one had a cartooned Sailor Moon and a poster of the Sailor Guardian casts on the front door.
Inside of the Karaoke, there's a bigger poster of the all the main casts are in with autographs of Sailor Guardians.
In the photos, it's hard to see the autographs as it's written with silver ink.
From the left, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Moon
From the left, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Venus.
This is Sailor Moon and the actress wrote the famous phrase left side of the face.
月にかわって おしおきよ!
I'm gonna punish you on behalf of the moon!

Also, underneath the counter, there's a landscape-printed Sailor Guardian's poster.
Behind the counter, there're 5 photos of the casts and each one had autographs.
*Too far to take photos from the counter.

The main reason that we came here was to try the mocktails and each Sailor Guardian drinks are served with a special collaborated coaster.
We first ordered Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus drinks.

On the left, it's Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter is on the right.
Venus: Strawberry syrup, orange juice, and a slice of orange.
Jupiter: Blue Hawaii, ginger ale, and whipped cream.
We thought they'll provide us coasters randomly, but actually, a staff brought a grab-box with her when she brought the drinks and asked me to grab 2 coasters since we ordered 2 special drinks.
As it's written on the right bottom on the menu card, there're 6 designs and it's randomly picked.

The box had a small hole so that it's impossible to see what's inside, so I didn't know which one I was getting.
The first coaster I grabbed was Sailor Jupiter and I actually screamed when I got it since it's my favorite character and the actress in the musical is really cute.
The other coaster I got was a cartoon version Sailor Moon.
Venus just tasted like orange juice and didn't have much strawberry syrup flavor, so it was just a orange juice.

Jupiter had sweet Blue Hawaii syrup and ginger ale topped with whipped cream and argent.
It was my first time to have Blue Hawaii with ginger ale, but it was actually good.

We decided to order 2 other drinks and as Sailor Mercury seemed to be almost the same as Sailor Jupiter, we decided to get Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars.
(Sailor Mercury: Cassis syrup, blue Hawaii, soda, and banana.)

Sailor Mars on the left and Sailor Moon on the right.
Sailor Moon: Blue Hawaii, white water (it was Calpis water), vanilla, and 2 cherries.
Sailor Mars: Strawberry syrup, iced tea, and a cherry.

Mars had strong tea flavor and thin strawberry syrup. If the tea had been weaker, the drink might have been tastier.

Sailor Moon came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with argent, two little whipped cream decoration and two cherries. My husband said it looked like Sailor Moon's hairstyle.
I was wondering what the "white water" they meant, then it tasted like Cuplis water.

Same female staff came with the grab-box and I got another Jupiter, then the second one I grabbed was Mercury.

We're glad to be able to try and got 4 coasters, which we have two Jupiter.

Sailor Moon special drinks are only available at 3 branches of カラオケの鉄人 (Karaoke No Tetsujin) I mentioned and till October 13th, 2013.

All drinks are 600 JPY.

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