New Garigarikun Rich! Ice Cream Bar Has Stew Flavor And Potatoes Inside

Garigarikun is one of the ice cream brand of Akagi Nyugyo Co., Ltd., a dairy industry.
They've been launching interesting and new flavors for Garigarikun, including weird ones.

Like the Corn Potage ice cream, they produced another weird flavor.
The flavor is "Cream Stew."

Akagi Nyugyo collaborated with Glico and the image of this ice candy is Glico's stock cubes called "クレアおばさんのクリームシチュー (Aunt Clare's Cream Stew)."
However, the flavor is only a picture of this product so that Akagi didn't use the actual stock cubes.

When I heard that this awkward flavor ice cream would be sold from today, October 29, 2013, I really wanted to try this.

I went to a conbini, Family Mart nearby and there're enough stocks.

The package.
The character is eating the stew on the right, and on the other side, there's a photo of the stew roux.

On the package, there're details of the ice candy.
The outside is stew flavored ice cream, and inside, it's stew flavored shaved ice with potatoes.
There're some reminders about this product.
※ This product is created under collaboration with Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.
※ This does NOT contain the roux of "Aunt Clare's Cream Stew."
 The illustration is an image.
So... this ice cream bar doesn't contain the roux...
It's a little bit disappointing!!

Anyways, this is the ice cream bar.
It's pure white and not cream color like the actual stew.

First bite.
It's same as the other Garigarikun series and shaved ice is surrounded milk ice cream.
The ice cream tasted like milk with some saltiness and sweetness.
After a bit, it provided stew flavor slightly, but it was really light, so mostly it tasted like salted milk.

It's hard to see, but there're little cubes of potatoes.

I marked the potato cube to make it easy to see.
To have potatoes in ice cream was so weird as I thought.
The potato was a little bit mushy and gooey like not-fresh french fries which are left in a bag for a while.
I learned that one of the secret flavor is onion, but I didn't taste or smell any single flavor of that.
Maybe I should have tried harder to find out the scent.

To compare with another weird flavor, I prefer the Corn Potage, which is no longer available.
This stew flavored ice candy didn't have much flavor of the yummy cream stew that I know of, so that it was just a salted milk with potato cubes.

126 JPY (tax included)

<Nutrition> 110ml
Calories: 128kcal
Protein: 1.6g
Fat: 5.1g
Carbohydrate: 19.5g
Natrium: 111mg

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