A Cafe Where You Can See Them Play In The Cages And Pat Owls And Hawks

We've been longing for going to bird cafes in Tokyo for a while and we went to one in Kiba yesterday before going to Disneyland, where they had to shut down the ticket booths due to the excess capacity.
It's called "鳥のいるカフェ (Tori No Iru Cafe / means A Cafe with Birds)." 

We got off at Kiba station on Tozai line (Tokyo Metro) and from exit 4b, it's about 5 minutes walk.
It's on the same side of the exit so no need to turn to any direction so it's pretty easy to find.

Just in case there's a huge line, I called the place around 1PM to ask if there's any line.
The person who took the phone call was kind and nicely answering my question and at that moment, there's no line. 
But she of course added that by the time we would get there, there could be line.

When we got there, it was around 2:30PM and I saw some crowd there.
I thought we just had to be in a line, but a nice woman near me said we had to write down our name on the paper provided.
In a big box, write down your name, and in a little square next to your name, you have to put numbers of people.
On the far right, you can either choose "share a table or not" and if you're ok with sharing a table with other guests (strangers), please circle 可 and if you prefer seating with your group, please circle 不可  then till they call your name, you can hang out by the windows.
Underneath the listing, there's a notice from the cafe.
"To all the customers,

Thank you for coming to the bird cafe.
Please write down your name and wait till we call your name.

As we need to arrange some tables, we may ask you to let us replace the order of the group in the list.

Please be present when we call your name. If not, you'll need to be listed at the end.

If there's a long line outside of the cafe, please pay courtesy to them.
In that case, we'd appreciate if you could follow through with the bill and playing with the birds.

We'd ask your cooperation to make this place enjoyable for everyone.

Thank you."

We wrote down our name, put a number of and circled 可 as we're ok with sharing a table with others if it's quicker to get a table, and we're killing time by the windows to see some owls and hawks.

By the way, no flash is allowed.

He's all alone by himself...

In this little section, there're about 7 owls and 2 hawks. 
Those 2 hawks kept screeching it was pretty loud.

Here, you can play with them after you pay the bill and additional 500 JPY for 5 minutes.

The reason they set it for 5 minutes is that the bird staffs (birds) need to rest a bit.

While waiting for about 20-30 minutes, we took a look of menus hung outside.
And on the other side, there're profiles of bird staffs.

We could get a table for ourselves with the same menus were set.
Also, they have English menus and cautions, too.

Our table was by the bird cages but they're behind the glasses so you don't get to touch or don't have to worry about to get feathers flown to your drinks or foods.

This colorful bird in the center kept cleaning himself.
This red one kept eating and looking at us.
This guy was so energetic and kept playing with his toys.
The guy on the right, he's talking by himself the whole time
There's even a Macaw.
They're incredibly kept clean and fresh.

Our plates came.
I ordered rare cheese cake (non-baked cheese cake) and black tea. 
They make them in the cafe. 
This cake was actually tasty.
At the bottom, there's ground cookies and the rare cheese cake part had lemon flavor.
The eyes were made of chocolate and the beak was a cashew nut.

The saucer had a bird on it.

My husband ordered bird cookies with black tea.
From the right, hawk, owl, and macaw.

Near our table, there's a tiny tiny owl.
First we thought it's a plush toy, but it's real.

There's a clock which has a pink bird and a fluffy bird at the bottom.

Near the entrance, there're 2 little hawk and owl on sale.
*They can sell birds legally since they're licensed and instruct how to take care of them.

Maybe we were at the table for about 30-40 minutes taking photos and having teas with snacks, and we paid the bill and I went into the booth where I can play with owls and hawks.

You can only pat their heads and back from top to bottom.
You can't poke them or put fingers in front of the faces.
If you want to put one of them on your hand, human staff will help you wear gloves and put the bird staff on it.

When the timer went off, I left this little room.
I felt the 5 minutes was long enough and could pat every single bird staffs inside.

We're not planning to have an owl so it was nice to play with them in 23 wards.
If you wanna see the bird staffs playing with toys or with other bird staffs, that's fine too as the little play room is an optional.

Things we ordered;
Rare cheese cake set: 1,000 JPY
Cookie set: 1,000 JPY
Play room: 500 JPY for 5 minutes

*There're more to choose and alcohol beverages are available, too.

鳥のいるカフェ / Tori No Iru Cafe
1F, Seven-star mansion,
2-6-7, Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo
東京都江東区木場2-6-7 セブンスターマンション1F

Closed on Wednesdays.

1:00 PM ~ 8:00 PM on weekdays
11:00 AM ~ 8:00 PM on Sat, Sun, and Holidays

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