Mister Donut Relaunched "Ganache Ring Pie" Nationwide

Mister Donut is a donut chain owned by Duskin and they've been creative and entertaining me since I was a kid.
*Snoopy's Mont Blanc House
*Pon de Ring Nama
*Pon de Lion Donut
*Spring Theme Donuts

In December 2012, they had test-market in Hokkaido area and in a month, they sold over 330,000pcs of this Ganache Ring Pie.
This summer, they launched initial sales of this new pie, which is donut-shpaed, in Okinawa and Kyushu area on August 7, 2013.
And this fall, they relaunched the product in all part of country on October 23, 2013.

Mister Donut has several pies but it's usually square or rectangle, however, this new pie called "Ganache Ring Pie" is in donut shape and this is the very first attempt.
When I saw the product, it reminded me of Cronuts.
*Cronuts in Tokyo

I and my husband went to get this Ganache Ring Pie.
There're 2 types; chocolate and strawberry chocolate.

They're not tall like Cronuts and similar to regular donuts.

The pie crust is both chocolate and the chocolate sauce on the top is different.

This is how it looks inside of the Ring Pie.
It's hard to distinguish the pie from the filling, but in the tube (pie crust), it's filled with sweet-bitter chocolate ganache.

This is the strawberry one.
I thought the filling would be also strawberry chocolate ganache, but the filling is exactly the same with the chocolate one (above).

To summarize, this "Nama-Choco Ring Pie" was OK, but I won't buy again.
I was hoping they would be similar to Cronuts but this was just ring-shaped pie filled with smooth and melty ganache.
The very outside of the pie was crispy but mostly it was a little bit stale maybe due to the ganache filling.

And it's not risen tall like croissant, so it was far from the popular Cronut and it's somehow hard pie.
Usually I don't get disappointed at Mister Donut but I really prefer regular pies and donuts that they make.

136 JPY each

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