Our Walk-In Afternoon Tea At Harrods in Suria KLCC Mall in Kuala Lumpur

While we stayed in Kuala Lumpur, we didn't plan much to do and as one of the famous malls called Suria KLCC Mall, which is in the Twin Tower, was a walking distance from where we stayed so we went there almost every day.

On the first day or second day, we found Harrods where they sell pastries, teas, and goods and also there's a space for tea and sweets behind the store.
Harrods is an upscale department store and I didn't know they had tea space like that.
And we saw an interesting and eye-catching board says something like "Afternoon tea only at Harrods KLCC."
The afternoon tea is available between 3PM to 6PM daily.
When we found the board, we didn't have time or space in our stomach so we decided to come back for some other time.

And one afternoon, we arrived at KLCC mall around 2:30PM and visited Harrods.
However, as it's before 3PM, there's no sign of afternoon tea.
We we just went in to ask and the waiter my husband talked to let us in to the tea space though we didn't book in advance.

There're some little signs of "reserved" on a couple of tables.
But we could get a table for us without trouble.

Behind the wooden partition, that's where the Harrods shop is.
So the tea space is further inside from the entrance.

They brought us cups and sugars first and asked which we'd like to have; tea or coffee.
There's no list of tea or coffee, so we only got to choose the drink.

We've seen several times that they stuck spoons or turners straight up in plates.
I wonder if it's tradition for them as it's a huge taboo in Japan to stick cutlery (especially chopsticks in the rice).
The cloth was clean so that we could see some little objects were moving on the table, plates, and under the plates.
Somehow, there're a lot of ants on the table...
We asked them to change the plate when we found ants on that.
I secretly flicked an ant from the table when I found one near me.

We had one pot each and they set 2 tea strainers.
I think the tea leaves were the same but to have respective pot and tea strainer was nice.
We both thought the tea was Darjiling.

This is the menu by the way.
It's put outside and they didn't provided us at the table.

Soon after, tea stand was brought.

And also a set of clotted cream, strawberry jam, and blueberry jam to share.

Medley of Sandwiches

English Scones with Fruits Jam

A Selection of Luscious Cakes

We started with sandwiches as we always do.

Chicken Sandwich
This had mayo and cheese with chicken, lettuce, and tomato.
I didn't taste much mayo in it so I could actually enjoy this.
Not only this sandwich, but all the bread they used for sandwiches was really soft and moist.

Roast Beef Sandwich
Among the 3 sandwiches at Harrods, this was my favorite.
The thin slice roast beef with cheese and lettuce was good!

Cucumber and Egg Mayo Sandwich
I always get scared to have a bite of egg sandwich as I know what it'd taste like and the flavor or the texture it'd have.
Of course I had a bite, but then I gave this to my husband.

Buttery scones

These scones were much tastier than the ones at Carcosa Seri Negara, but still, I can't call these "scones" as it tasted like muffins.
No butter flavor, not fragile (which scones should be), mushy texture (like pancake dough).

However, I was happy to have the clotted cream which was the hardest and thickest we've had in Malaysia.
Harrods blueberry and strawberry preserves were ordinary jam, but maybe it's less sugary and had sort of expensive and delicate sweetness.

When we finished the top and bottom plates on the tea stand, a waiter came and took away the empty plates and stand, then placed the sweets' plate on the table.
It's nice of them to clear the table and it shows they check your tables and without asking them, they take care of you nicely.

Miniature Red Velvet Cupcake
This actually one of the big reasons we decided to have afternoon tea here.
We've never seen an tea place has red velvet cupcake as a part of the set!

This looks like a red escargot with whipped cream lol
The sponge cake was moist, soft, and sweet, but the cream cheese frosting was a little bit sour so that the cake had a perfect balance.
Needless to say, this cake was our favorite in the Harrods afternoon tea.

Lamington Cake
It was orange flavored square sponge cake covered with dried coconut.
Lamington cake was a new word I've seen and according to internet, this dessert is originally from Australia.
Traditionally it consists of  squared sponge cakes and in between, there's chocolate icing and outside is full of coconut.
But this one was orange instead of chocolate.

Tiramisu Chocolate Cup
Inside of the chocolate cup, there's expresso cream.
It was pretty bitter like Tiramisu as the menu says.

After eating them all, we're pretty stuffed.
The sweet cakes really filled us up definitely.

It's been about 40 minutes since they brought us the tea pot, so the tea became too strong so I poured some milk and sugar to make milk tea.
Usually I don't add sugar to my tea, but when I make milk tea, it needs to be sweet otherwise I feel weird and doesn't taste that good (only personal preference).

There's a smoking space outside of the tea space, which was facing to a big water fountain, and when a woman started smoking, somehow the cigarette smoke pervaded into the room.
I wished the smell hadn't been disturbing or ruining the savory plates inside of the room.

We're lucky to have a table without reservation, but it's on weekdays, so to be safe, reservation recommended especially on weekends.

140 RM for two persons + 10% of service charge + 6% of government tax 162.40 RM.
*About 4,872 JPY for 2

Harrods in Suria KLCC

1st Level in Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur 

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