Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur Performed Poor With Mediocre Foods
マレーシアで一番がっかりした、シャングリ・ラ クアラルンプールのアフタヌーンティー

So, our final afternoon tea in Malaysia was at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur.
Once we decided the date we'd like to go, my husband called them and made a reservation one month in advance.
Seemed things are all set till the very moment we were there at 12:30, which they took our reservation.

When we arrived at the Lobby and talked to a Malaysian waitress that we have reservation for afternoon tea at 12:30, she didn't seem to understand any single English. (Are you serious!?)
And she led us to a table by the big window which is facing to a water fountain.
Then the waitress brought us menus but it's not for afternoon tea.
So we said, again, that we'd reserved afternoon tea at 12:30 via phone.
Then another waitress came and two Malaysian women started mumbling in Malay and gave us weird look. 
And one of them said, "Afternoon tea is from 3PM only."

What? Then why the heck they took our reservation? Why the person on the phone didn't tell us that the afternoon tea is from 3PM?
All the staff had better go through the schedule every day or every time it changes, or there'll be other victims like us.

We planned things after booking the tea so that our schedule got a little bit messy.
Yet we just killed time and went back there at 3PM.

They brought menus and there're 2 types of afternoon teas.
One was Classic Afternoon Tea and the other one was Malaysian Afternoon Tea.
We're not interested in the latter menu so we both had Classic Afternoon Tea.
FYI, the letter [N] means it contains nuts.

We're seating at the same seat where they led us first, but as the sun was hitting us straight, they suggested we move to another seat, however it was still so bright and hot there.

I got Green Tea with Jasmine from the tea selection they had.
They brought us the tea set first.

Tea cup and saucer had an unique shape.

Tea pot reminded me of Aladdin's magic lamp.

The plate looked like a petal, which had greasy finger print on...
There's no tea strainer as it's set in the tea pot.
It's so weird to pour tea by ourselves for the first cup since they usually pour the first cup.

They brought these little sweets to share (but these were 3-4cm small).
These're were almond cake, cookie, and macaroon.

They provided us one tea set each while other places brought 2 person's portions in one tea stand.


Classic Delicatessen


Egg Mayonnaise and Mustard
Egg mayo was using way too much mayo and I was done after one bite.
I'm a mayo hater and to have that much mayo made me pretty sick.

[NFree Range Corn-Fed Chicken with Celery and Peanuts
This one also had a lot of mayonnaise.
I couldn't taste any celery or peanut.
Though I don't like mayonnaise, I can swallow with not much trouble unless it's egg salad, but this was as difficult as the egg salad sandwich.

Smoked Salmon with Lemon Creme Fraiche
This was made with creme fraiche, which is like cream cheese.
So technically this is the only one sandwich I could handle.

All the sandwiches were the largest among the 4 places we went to in Malaysia.

By the time we finished sandwiches, the sun was still up high.
Yet no one was closing the curtains by the window, so changing the seat didn't help the heat or sunshine at all.
Usually in Tokyo, when the sun is high and too bright, they close curtains.

Sultan Raisin Scone
This contained orange-yellow colored raisin.
It's covered with powder sugar so I swept off the sugar but it was still sweet.

Plain Scone 
This scone didn't have butter flavor and tasted like pancakes yet hard.

These scone were served with clotted cream, strawberry jam and orange marmalade.
The clotted cream was one of the thickest ones in Malaysia among the place we tried but the sun heat totally ruined the clotted cream.
Before we moved on to scones, the sun detached water from clotted cream.
I tried not to touch the water and scoop the creamy part.

Berries Tartlet

Cafe-Chocolate Cake
As the name has "cafe," this chocolate cake was bitter like espresso.
The thin chocolate on the top was supposed to show flawless "Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur" but it's totally worn off.
When we had one like this in Shangri-La Tokyo, it looked so new and as if it's just printed on the chocolate.

[NBanana Pecan Cupcake
This cupcake had nuts inside.
This cupcake was pretty dried, and after a couple of bites, I was done.

Overall, they use tons of mayo and sugar.
With poor service and non-flavored or outstanding foods, it's a shame that we're looking forward to coming here.

Shangri-La was the only one place where they didn't pour the first cup of tea, didn't come around to check if everything was ok or if we needed something.
Service was off from the first anyway, the price was one and only helpful fact to let it go.

55 RM per person + 10 of service charge + 6% of government tax = about 1,920 JPY

After having 4 afternoon teas in Malaysia, we learned that in Malaysia, they don't let you have several teas but only one tea pot.

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