Limited Quantity Pudding With The Famous Manga "The Rose Of Versailles" Packaging
誰もが知ってるマンガ「ベルサイユのバラ」がデザインされた、「ベルばら ベツばらプリン」が限定発売

I read an article about a special pudding from 雪印メグミルク (Megmilk Snow Brand) would be launched in a limited quantity on September 24, 2013.
However, I totally forgot the launch date and today, September 28, I finally remembered and luckily found 4 different packaging at 2nd conbini I dropped by.
As I stuck up all 4 cups and brought to cashier, they'd have thought I was otaku, but the reality is I just love limited products.
As you can see, It's about the packaging.
The package has the famous manga characters called "The Rose Of Versailles" created by Ms. Riyoko IKEDA and this would be the best known girl's comic.
Also the title is known as "Lady Oscar" or "La Rose de Versailles" if you're not familiar with the first one above.
In Japanese, we abbreviate and call it as "Beru Bara" as the full sentence is "Berusaiyu no Bara."

To those who may not know the manga, here's a brief.
The main characters of "The Rose Of Versailles" is Oscar Francois de Jarjayes, who was raised as a man though she's a girl to become her father's successor as a leader of the Palace Guards.
She was well treated by Marie Antoinette and became a guardee at a young age and even promoted to General.

Though she's proud and grateful what she has, Oscar was shocked when she saw a huge gap between the high-class people and ordinary citizen, thus at the French Revolution, she abdicated her title and fought as one of the citizens.

This manga was so famous and it was played by 宝塚歌劇団/Takarazuka Revue Company.

Getting back to this special packaged pudding, they used a witty name for this product.
This pudding is named "Betsu Bara Purin" punning on the shorten name "Beru Bara."
"Betsu Bara" is written as 「別腹」 and this literally means "different stomach" and could be translated as "dessert stomach" meaning "I have room for dessert (in my stomach)."
Purin is how we pronounce "pudding" in Japanese.
These days it's used a lot especially among female after meals to order desserts.

The set of Beru Bara is France, so the image of this pudding is Mont Blanc, which is considered to have been originated in France.
The flavor is meant for adults and is milky and rich marron (chestnut) pudding with rum.

There are 4 regular designs and 2 premium designs which are hard to find.
I think the ones I got are the regular ones.

Here're the packaging.


Oscar (left) and Marie Antoinette (right)
「お食事はお済みでも プリンはベツバラでございましょ?」
"Though you're finished with dinner, you have room for pudding, right?"

Andre Grandier (right) and Oscar (left)
「美味しさに 躊躇はいらん!」
"Tastiness doesn't need hesitation!"



「神よ・・・ 美味しすぎるプリンを許しもう!」
"God... please forgive this tasty pudding!"

Hans Axel von Fersen (left) and Marie Antoinette (right)
Fersen is known as a person who Marie Antoinette had affair with in the manga.

Oscar (left) and Andre (right)
"Ah, an intensely happy time..."



「スプーン用意! 進撃!」
"Ready the spoon! Attack!"

She's holding a French flag.

Andre (left) and Oscar (right)
"Oh, the good old Mont Blanc flavor..."



Marie Antoinette
"I approve this pudding."

On the right side of Marie Antoinette, there's Oscar.

"This taste, no betrayal!"


The lines are from the comic and modified to this pudding flavor.
I can't remember the exact lines in the original stories though.

However the packaging of the cup is different, the lid had same Oscar drawing.

Opening the lid, I saw hexagon there.
It's my first time to have this sexanglular cup. 

I didn't taste rum in it or strong chestnut flavor, thus, it's hard to think of Mont Blanc.
It somehow tasted bitter caramel flavor or brown sugar.
Yet, I didn't have much interest in the pudding so it's ok.

<Nutrition> content is 140g
Calories: 171kcal
Protein: 2.8g
Fat: 4.6g
Carbohydrates: 29.5g
Natrium: 84mg
On the right corner, there's an upper case alphabet and the cups I bought had different letter each.
So I'm thinking the letter is provided to each design.

137 JPY 

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