Seven Eleven Produced Donuts Collaborated With A Movie Called "Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De"
セブンイレブン x 「謎解きはディナーのあとで」のドーナツ

"Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De" is a Japanese TV drama series aired back in 2011 and is based on the mystery novel of the same name. 
The title means "Let us save the reveal for dessert" or "Dinner will be followed by the reveal."
An unique aspect of this drama was they sometimes used like a comic book technique; on the TV screen, not only the actors and actresses were on but also sentimento, onomatope, and mimetic word seen in manga book and they're "降伏/FAIL," "クビ/You're fired," and some others.

The TV drama was followed by 2-hour special episode and on August 3, 2013, a movie came out.

I've never seen the TV show closely but my husband wanted to see this movie when we saw the trailer at a movie theater and we watched the whole TV series and the special episode before the movie came out in a week with English subtitles.

Seven Eleven collaborated with this movie and they produced 2 kinds of donuts (sugar and chocolate).
There's only one donut left and it's sugar version.
The package has a little picture of the butler's tuxedo with a black bow tie and a white handkerchief in the pocket.

"Nazotoki Wa Do-natsu No Ato De (sugar)" 
*do-natsu means donuts
120 JPY
The name of this product has been changed to "donuts" from "dinner."

This collaborated donuts have stickers on the package with famous phrase which butler Mr. Kageyama says often to his milady, who is a rich heiress but she works as a detective with her identity concealed.
He's invective and says, "Are you stupid?" even though he's a butler.

There're 6 kinds of the phrase and the one I bought had the sticker below.
"Moshi sou de arunaraba, 'u~ke~u~' de gozaimasu.' " and the translation: "If it is so, I'd say, "It's so fuuuunnnnnyyyyy.' "
It's usually used young to mid-20s females and Mr. Kageyama said this to his milady, Ms. Reiko Hosho, when she can't solve mystery or tricks when she ask him for some idea.

Sugar donut was a sugar glazed old fashion.

Back side.

Looks like a little mountain in my hand.

It was one of the best donuts I've had and I liked the hard and dry texture inside and crispy outside.
Though I said it's dried inside, it's not bad way.
Personally, I like hard and dense textured donuts instead of soft and fragile ones.

It would have been still tasty without sugar coating.
I'd love Seven Eleven to keep selling this donuts continuously after the collaborated package is gone.
Sometimes I crave like this old fashion donuts but I can't always find this type at 24hr open conbini and most of the time the donuts they sell is soft ones, which I don't like that much to compare with this.

Calories: 457kcal
Protein: 2.8g
Fat: 33.7g
Carbohydrate: 35.6g
Natrium: 190mg

They didn't say how many donuts are available, but press says these're available while supply lasts so when I find another donut (chocolate version), I'd buy and see the taste and also the sticker what it says.

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