Pocky Collaborated with Kakure Momojiri from Kobito Dukan

Pocky is one of the popular snacks produced by Ezaki Glico, and it's a chocolate coated skinny pretzels.

Glico collaborated with Kakure Momojiri from Kobito Dukan, of which I see a lot of goods and packages every where.
I made Kobito Dukan characters' doll-shaped pancakes last weekend.

Kobito Dukan's Doll-Shaped Pancake / こびとづかん ふわふわこびと人形焼

Pocky has created many flavors like strawberry, dark chocolate, almond, matcha (green tea),  besides chocolate, but this is my first time to see peach flavor.
Glico launched this collaborated Pocky on August 20, 2013, and I looked for this around my place but I didn't find this at all.
Today, I asked my co-workers if they've seen this, and I went to one of Family Mart near the office and "captured" Momojiri Pocky finally.

The package color is pink so if there's no Kakure Momojiri, I would have thought it's strawberry flavor.
See? It's pink. 
Actual color is much softer and peach pink.

The box is skinnier and thinner than other Pocky, which was surprising but also understandable as they could sell this 105 JPY per box despite of royalties.

Back side of the box.
I'd never paid attention to the name of the product, but apparently Pocky (or at least this Momojiri Pocky) is a processed pretzel product.
On the back, there's a quiz picture to find how many little folks are in the picture. 

Usually Pocky has two pouches inside of the box but this Momojiri one had only one plastic pouch.
First I thought the silver dots are circles, but when I took a close look, it's heart shaped.
And there're multiple Momojiri, Momojiri shadow, and peaches on the plastic package.

On the box, it says this uses peach flavor but didn't say it uses actual fruit flavor.
However, when I opened the plastic pouch, peach flavor came out and it smelled really sweet.
It was a pale pink chocolate covering thin cookie stick.
It was as crispy as the original Pocky and peach flavored chocolate was sweet and tasty.
A list of ingredients mentions peach but it only says peach is used partially for the raw ingredients, so I don't think real peach juice or flesh is used.
But it tasted good!
As it's a limited product, I may buy again.

<Nutrition> 42g per boxCalories: 215kcal
Protein: 2.9g
Fat: 9.8g
Carbohydrate: 28.7g
Natrium: 66mg

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  1. Hi! I run a kobito dukan fanblog. May I post the picture of the box on my tumblr? (Your blog will be linked <3)

    1. Hi, of course you can post the photos!
      Thank you for asking me ;)