Kobito Dukan Produced A Microwavable Pancake Kit

I might be one of those few people who like Kobito Dukan.

Kobito Dukan is a name of picture book written by Mr. Toshitaka NABATA launched in 2006.
The concept is of the book is a boy observe and study of elves (little folks or gnome) which look like they're wearing "Zenshin Taitsu / Zentai," which is skin-tight garments that cover the entire body.

My fave is Kakure Momojiri, which is parasitic in ripe peach and I think this is one of the most famous character among all the elves in Kobito Dukan.
And this doll-shaped pancake kit surely has the shape!
This kit comes with doll-shape model, 4 skewers, trunk, and a reversible background photo to display.

Yellow one is the doll-shape form and a brown object is a trunk made of plastic.

Kobito form.

Details of the skewers.

Background photos.

There're lists of the materials and ingredients but there's a little leaflet inside for more detailed description of how-to.
Microwave, scale, whisk, measuring spoon, bowl, kitchen paper (to put oil on the model).
Also, there's a list of ingredients but I used a bag of pancake mix made with rice powder.
I don't like using egg, so I used pancake mix and soy milk instead of eggs and milk.

DHC's Pancake mix made with rice power (50% is sprouted brown rice).
Used whole bag (150g).

150ml of soy milk was mixed with the pancake mix above.

I used a big bowl and also made 3 colors ready.
Brown for Takarakogane;
green for Kusamadara Ookobito;
pink for Kakure Momojiri; and 
plain for Benikinokobito.

For brown, I used cocoa powder and for green, I mixed food coloring of less blue and more yellow, and red to make pink.

And I applied vegetable oil to the form with kitchen paper following the guide, but I couldn't put well in some little parts, so next time I'll use Q-tips to reach the deepest parts.

I poured each dough into the elves' shaped case.
The direction says not to put all the way up to the top line as the pancake dough would rise.

Put the cover on and drops for a couple of times to let the air bubble go out.
And placed the model over a microwavable plate and put into the microwave.
Don't forget to use a plate underneath or the excess will be overflown and it was such a mess (yes, I experienced for the first batch).

And heated for 1 minute and a half.

Took out from the microwave when the timer went off.
According to the brochure, if the surface of the elves is dried, it's cooked.
If not, reheat for 20 seconds more.

Let it cool a bit and close the cover again, flip it to make the face-side top.
Drop it on the counter for a couple of times to make it easy to remove from the case.

Still it was a little bit hard to take them out without breaking their necks as it's hot and it's a hard plastic model.
I wish it's silicon so that it's easy to change the form to take the pancake out and clean in.

Put the appropriate yellow skewers to each characters.
From the left, Kusamadara Ookobito, Kakure Momojiri, Takarakogane, Benikinokobito.

Close look of Kusamadara Ookobito and Kakure Momojiri.

Takarakogane and Benikinokobito.

I could make 3 batches from the ingredients I used.

2 rows of elves with different background photo.

I measured the size of each pancake and the heights are the following.
Kusamadara Ookobito: 5.5cm

Kakure Momojiri: 4.5cm

Takarakogane: 6.5cm

Benikinokobito: 5.3cm

It was a bit of work to prepare and make them, but also it was a lot of fun.
Maybe next time I'd buy some chocolate decoration pens to define the details on the faces!

Actual characters' appearance on the side of box and they're much taller than the pancake model.

Kakure Momojiri



Kusamadara Ookobito

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