Chikin Ramen Onigiri Has Come Back To Supermarkets

This March, I tried Cup Noodle Onigiri and a friend of mine told me that there's Chikin Ramen version of this. 
However, I'd never seen anywhere...
By the way, "onigiri" is "rice ball" in Japanese.
* The name "Chikin" is weird but it's how the product is spelled.

Today, I found Chikin Ramen Onigiri in a frozen food aisle in a supermarket.
When I researched when it actually was launched, and it's said that this frozen onigiri was in supermarkets from September, 2012.
Yet, it's sold more than the producers had thought of and they couldn't keep up with the production due to the huge hit which exceeded expectation.

And this product finally made a comeback this August 1st, 2013, with increased production system and improved flavors.

The package shape and the way to cook it (just put in the microwave) is the same as the Cup Noodle Onigiri but this Chikin Ramen has more colorful patterns on it.
Cup Noodle Onigiri package resembles the actual product, thus, Chikin Ramen Onigiri has exact the same stripes on it and even Hiyoko-chan, name of the chick character. 
*Chick in Japanese is "Hiyoko" and ---chan is a suffix added after name or noun and it usually means "cute."

Not only that this has a character on it, but also the rice ball itself contains the crushed Chikin Ramen.
The image has pieces besides egg, naganeki leek, and white meat.
Maybe it's a little bit hard to see in this photo.

Sides were same.
One side is introducing another way to have this rice ball  like porridge or congee. 

The other side explains how useful the case is to microwave and eat directly from it.

Actual Chikin Ramen Onigiri is still frozen.

On the back side, there's direction how to microwave.
I had one, so I put it for 2 minutes.

While waiting, I could smell the familiar and yummy Chikin Ramen flavor!
It suggests that I leave the case for a minute to let it steam, so I followed that and waited for a bit.

This is the microwaved Chikin Ramen Onigiri.

The yellow objects are eggs. 
Original Chikin Ramen (fried noodle in a plastic package) doesn't contain eggs or any other veggies but the cup version (like cup noodle) has it, so it reminded me of the cup one.
But it didn't disturb me enjoying this rice ball.

The white piece towards the top of the right is breast meat.
It's not dried and to add chicken was a great idea to have different texture.

Also you can see some noodles mixed in rice.
I like eating Chikin Ramen without pouring hot water as it's crunchy and salty. ---It's fried, so you can eat it is.
However, as the crushed noodles were mixed with rice and microwaved, and I let it sit for a while, it got totally soft.
Yet the soft noodle had same texture as the cooked noodle.

It tasted as good as it smelled while heating.
Even I could taste chicken broth and soy sauce soup.
I liked this one better than the Cup Noodle Onigiri.

As it's Chikin Ramen, only meat used here is chicken. No pork or no beef.

<Nutrition> 100g per onigiri
Calories: 183kcal
Protein: 4.7g
Fat: 3.9g
Carbohydrate: 32.3g
Natrium: 490mg (sodium chloride equivalent: 1.2g)

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