Sully and Mike shaped Nikuman From Family Mart

There has been a lot of Mike Wazowski's pastries for the "Monsters University" roll out, however, I didn't find any Sully shaped snack so far.
Mike Wazowski Ice Cream
Mike Wazowski Ice Cream Cake

It's Nikuman (肉まん) which is a steam bun with minced pork inside.
It's not only sold at Family Mart, a conbini chain from August 13, 2013, but also Sully and Mike bun is produced for 500,000 pcs each so I decided to get both of them today.

Family Mart has created a lot of collaborated steam buns like Hatsune Miku, and Natume Yujincho.

I dropped by the Family Mart near my apartment and found both Sully and Mike sitting in the steamer by the cashier desk!
*Before taking photos, I got permission.

They're sitting on the top rack together.

The cashier buns into a paper wrap individually as same as they put other steam buns.

サリー しょうゆ肉まん
Sully Syoyu Nikuman (Sully soy sauce steam bun)
Looks cute :)
According to a website, this is soy sauce flavored steam bun and ingredients are, pork, bamboo, Shiitake mushroom, cabbage.
Also the bun itself is blue and it has ivories to show Sully's distinction, "bulk and fearsome bark."

Also it's got 2 horns over the head.

It was pretty normal steam bun but the filling was harder than regular steam buns I've had.
And it's surrounded by weird, watery, and soft filling and I think it's cabbage.
Pork was moist and had texture close to meat ball.
Bamboo was crispy and crunchy.
I think Shiitake mushroom added nice flavor to it.

マイク しお肉まん
Mike Shio Nikuman (Mike salt steam bun)
Unlike Sully, Mike has a big smile on his face as his personality is "strive for a dream."
The teeth is printed with hot iron.

Mike also has horns on his head, too.

Inside, almost as same as Sully's.
Somehow I felt less watery texture while eating this.
And the flavor was definitely different.
Soy sauce based one (Sully) had more flavor but salt one (Mike), I could taste vegetables and meat more.

The wrap paper underneath is Disney version and has the movie title, "Monsters University."
And I learned it's made by Imuraya (井村屋), a Japanese confectionery company famous for azuki (sweet red beans) and An'man (あんまん) which is a steam bun with sweet bean paste inside.

They're so-so team buns and tasted ok.
I just wish they created something different each other like one is pork and the other one was sweet.
For example, if Sully was pork bun, Mike could have been sweet bun filled with sweet red beans or matcha (green tea) flavored sweet beans.

Sully: 171 kcal
Mike: 173 kcal

190 JPY each

They're produced in a limited quantity of 500,000 pcs each.

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