Pon de Sakurambo and Sakura Fashion /
ポン・デ・さくらんぼ と 桜ファッション

Mister Donut launched several new flavored donuts featuring spring color and flavor.
They used Sakura (cherry blossom) and Sakurambo (cherry) as the main ingredients.

In Japan, when people think of spring, many events are held with cherry blossom.
Graduation and entrance ceremony are carried out in March and Spring and we usually see flowers are fully in bloom or blown away petals.

I tried Pon de Sakurambo and Sakura Fashion, which Mister Donut started selling on February 20, 2013.

Pon de series have been sold more than 10 years now and they had sold anniversary edition last month; Pon de Ring Nama and Pon de Lion Donut.

Pon de Sakurambo
Pon de Sakurambo is stored in a green paper bag which has sakura petal pattern in vivid pink and white.
It uses sakura leaf flavored powder in the dough and as same as other Pon de Rings, it has the popular and unique texture.
Pink part on the left top is strawberry flavored chocolate.
Dough itself has pink shade as you can see.
The filling is cherry flesh jelly and it was slightly yellow.
I had no idea what was sakura flavored powder they used in the dough, but the filling (cherry jelly) was sweet and sour and tasted good.

Sakufa Fashion
This donut has same texture as Old Fashion does, which is called cookie-type donut and it's crispy outside and a little bit moist inside.
They used sakura leaf flavored powder in the dough for this one also and the inside of the donut was bright pink.
Again, I have no idea what they meant "sakura flavor" so that I couldn't tell if it had different flavor or not, but maybe slightly bitter and salty taste?

This sakura themed donuts are available for limited time but I'm not sure if I'd go get some other types since I didn't see much special feature in these two I tried besides pink colored dough.

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2 件のコメント :

  1. Interesting to see a sakure-flavored fashioned.
    I remembered I had cereal fashioned in Taiwan which was amazing, and this year I got W-strawberry fashioned. But still the Japanese flavors look good, like the pumpkin one.

    1. Sorry for the late reply!
      W-strawberry sounds great :)
      I wish pumpkin flavor is available year around, especially Tokyo Disney's churro.