Chicken Rice from KFC Japan / ケンタッキー チキンライス

KFC Japan launched Chicken Fillet Double, which is called Double Down in the states on February 2nd, 2012.
This year, 2013, they started selling Chicken Rice on February 7th and we tried this on the next day.

This is a panel hung on outside and says, "Can this be chicken rice?"
Chicken Rice uses white meat with the original spices (made of 11 kinds of herbs and spices).
And they used 2 fillets as buns and sand ketchup rice, cheese, special tomato sauce, and special mayo.
However, as I hate mayo, I ordered without mayo.

The official image shows the order; from the top, chicken fillet, mayo, cheese, chicken rice, tomato sauce, and chicken fillet.

As I read several reviews and knew it'd be hard to eat without dropping anything, it was indeed hard to hold and eat without making a mess.
It was wrapped in a white paper but it didn't look thick enough to block the oil.
First impression was the ketchup rice seems too pale to compare with the image on the internet and posters, but smelled as great as regular chicken.

And we realized that the sandwich was upside down when they wrapped. --- I remember seeing some reviewers said the same.
The top chicken fillet should be followed by cheese as I avoided mayo, but it's rice.
There're onion dices in special tomato sauce.
It was slightly spicy but other than that, it was pretty much regular ketchup with onions. 
After several bites, it's still in order and not dislocated much.
Remark about each ingredient.
Chicken: white meat with flavorful spices
Tomato sauce: a bit sour containing chunks of onion dices
Cheese: maybe it uses American cheese and it wasn't melted
Ketchup rice: it didn't have much ketchup taste but salty

Overall, it was hard to eat but worth eating!
I'm not sure how long they'd have this on the menu, but I assume it'd be available for a limited time as the Chicken Fillet Double.

450 JPY

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  1. It looks like a disaster to eat but I'm glad it tasted good. Yeah, the one in the picture looks way more flavoured.

    I just came across your blog, I'll save it to my blog account to keep reading~ :)

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving comment :)
      It was hard to eat but as they used breast meat, it was delish lol