Beard Papa's Rusk / ビアードパパのラスク
Beard Papa is famous for cream puff.
Its choux pastry is crispy like pie crust and they insert filling right after receiving an order, and they finish it up with sprinkled sugar over the top.
They have regular filling; custard (contains vanilla beans), chocolate, and some others besides season limited flavors for example matcha (green tea) in spring.

Bear Papa is one of the chains which Muginoho Co., Ltd. (株式会社 麦の穂) runs and the headquarter is in Osaka city.
Muginoho has several chains of cream puff, udon noodle, cheesecake sticks, donuts, etc.

A friend of mine said Bear Papa has rusk and I tried this for the first time.
There's a shop in Shinjuku station near the West exit of Marunouchi line.
As I always ordered cream puff (we call it choux cream in Japanese), I'm not sure when they started selling rusk.
I looked for info but none was officially published but apparently it's not always on the menu or some shops don't sell it.
And the rusk is made of the choux pastry and has bigger size sugars on the surface.

A little sign was next to the cashier and says "200 YEN" but didn't say hoe many pieces or how big the bag would be.
But I just asked for 1 rusk, hoping it's not gonna be one single rusk literally.
Same as the cream puff, they take out baked rusk once customers set an order, so they took out a tray which all the rusks were laying.
They put rusks nicely in a see-through plastic bag with some air to prevent them from breaking.
And they put it into another plastic bag to carry.
This bag should be the same design for cream puffs.

As the sign didn't say how many grams it contains, I measured when I got home.
It was 121g and I remember they measured after putting some, so I bet the plastic bag is 1g and the content is 120g.

Looks so good!
And each piece seems big, too.
This is a close look.
It was really crunchy and crispy.
Of course it was much harder than the regular choux pastry.
Sometimes rusk can scratch inside of the mouth, but this rusk was easy to break once I bit into and fell apart easily.

It had decent sugar over the rusk and had good flavor as regular cream puff.
120g (with that amount) for 200 JPY is pretty good, I think.
As it's rusk, it can be stored longer than cream puff so I can eat them little by little each day!

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