Oven-Fresh Chocolat Pudding from Circle K Sunkus /
サークルKサンクス 窯出しショコラプリン

I wrote about original flavor of Kamadashi Purin the other day, and today, I tried the new version "Chocolat Purin," a chocolate pudding.
Circle K Sunkus' private brand called "Cherie Dolce" launched this chocolate pudding on February 4, 2013.
As I mentioned, I had hard time finding this and the original pudding while this new chocolate pudding was on sale for a short time.

On the top, it says, "This pudding uses Belgian bitter chocolate as the cacao flavor stands out well. ~50% of the chocolate in this pudding is from Belgium~"

I can see it's quite dark and it doesn't have caramel sauce at the bottom.
So even though it says chocolate pudding, same as other chocolate pudding, it doesn't contain caramel sauce.
After dairy products, it's chocolate and in the parenthesis, it again mentions that half of the amount is Belgian chocolate, followed by egg yolk, sugar, and a type of chocolate called 準チョコレート (Jun chocolate), which I have no idea how to say in English, but the description is the following.
準チョコレート is a type of chocolate which needs to contain more than 15% of cocoa, more than 3% of cocoa butter, more than 18% of fat, and less than 3% of water.
Pure chocolate (純チョコレート) has much higher percentage of cocoa (at least 35% of cocoa, more than 18% of cocoa butter. Also it shouldn't contain any fat from other than cocoa butter.
Calories: 296kcal --- original was 180kcal
Protein: 3.6g --- original was 3.5g 
Fat: 23.0g --- original was 10.7g
Carbohydrate: 19.6g --- original was 17.6g
Natrium: 50.3mg --- original was 75.2mg

As you can see, compared with original flavor, this is about 100kcal higher and fat is more than double.
I guess it's from chocolate...
Same as the original package, it has a paper-textured wrapping underneath the plastic cover.
It has some water as I kept taking photos, but also the surface looks a little bit dried and solid.

The original one was smooth and soft, so I expected this "Chocolat Purin" would be the same.
However, the texture was so different.
Not resembles at all.

When I put a spoon in the cup, it felt harder than the regular pudding to stick in.
And the inside had heavy, sticky, dense, and clinging texture.
I'd put it ねっとり and べったり in Japanese.

I was wondering why this package didn't have the caution, "Be careful as the content may spill," which was on the original pudding.

I could hold this pudding on the spoon without having trouble.
I like the original pudding texture better and could see the name and the actual content match, but this chocolate pudding was more like, "First it's marshmallow-ish but it melts away gradually leaving deep chocolate flavor on your tongue."
Thus, it makes sense to me that they didn't use "melting" term for this version.


It's 180 JPY and cheap.
Personally, if I get this on a plate in a restaurant, I'd think this could be maybe 500 JPY value.
As it's gotta dense flavor and heavy texture, just one cup can make you satisfied.

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