Oven-Fresh Melting Pudding from Circle K Sunkus/
サークルKサンクス 窯出しとろけるプリン

Circle K Sunkus Co., Ltd. is a convenience store chain.
It used to be Circle K (under the control of UNY Co., Ltd.) and Sunkus (under Nagasakiya Co., Ltd.) but they merged in 2001

This Kamadashi Torokeru Purin (literal translation is "oven-fresh melting pudding") is one of the long-selling products produced by "Cherie Dolce" is a private brand of Circle K founded in November, 2007.
This pudding has sold more than 350,000 pcs total.

I've never thought of getting a good quality sweets in Circle K Sunkus as most of the time I go to Lawson to find its private brand's sweets.

As they're having discount sale on chocolate pudding, it was hard to find this original pudding also. I went to a same shop 2 days in a row but no luck, but found both original and chocolate version in a different branch.

This is the original pudding.
On the top, it says, "Prepared with low heat carefully. This is a melting and smooth textured pudding."

Eggs, sugar, caramel sauce, vanilla beans, etc.
As long as I saw, I didn't see gelatin so I could tell that it wouldn't have flabby texture like some other puddings I've tried.
Besides, as it says it's "baked," they wouldn't need to use gelatin to make this pudding still.
Calories: 180kcal
Protein: 3.5g
Fat: 10.7g
Carbohydrates: 17.6g
Natrium: 75.2mg
There're little notes that black dots in the pudding are vanilla beans, and be careful about the content's spilth.

From side.
Pudding looks a little bit pale and has dark caramel sauce at the bottom.
Opening the package, I thought it was interesting that this has a plastic cover on the top and underneath, there's a paper-ish cover, which is about 1.5cm (half inch) above the pudding.
There're vanilla beans (the black dots), as directed on the label.

To stick in a spoon felt weird.
The surface was bouncy but once the spoon broke the hard skin, it started sinking easily without having trouble getting to the bottom.
The inside was really smooth and it melted on my tongue.
As it's so soft and smooth, it was difficult to hold this on the spoon as it quickly fell off from it.
The notice could be written bigger than it is since the caution wasn't exaggerating.
I think it's a good size and 120 JPY is reasonable price.

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