Almost Free Teppan-Yaki Lunch At A Hard-To-Find Restaurant Called Keyakizaka in Grand Hyatt Tokyo

In March, one of my friends had a wedding party and I attended the after party.
At the after party, they had quiz about the newly wed couple and I won a meal ticket when I got a correct answer.

The ticket lets me choose a restaurant from a list and depending on the restaurant, I could do either lunch or dinner.
As the ticket expires early in September, I finally booked a place and made a reservation.

Today, I and my husband went to have Teppan-Yaki lunch at Keyakizaka in Grand Hyatt in Roppongi.
We'd never been to the place, and it was really confusing since there's no notice on the wall at the hotel as it says it's located on the 4th floor in Grand Hyatt, we had to go up to the 6th floor by the hotel elevator and then had to take stairs to go down to the 4th floor....

Yet we found another elevator by the entrance of Keyakizaka, and the elevator is in Roppongi Hills.
Next time we go, I should remember to take the general elevator from Roppongi Hills which leads me to the entrance easily.

Ok, here we are in the end, at the entrance.
It's in a modern building, but the entrance is made with woods so it was creating a stylish but also warm atmosphere before going into the Teppan-yaki restaurant.
To the right side we went to, there's a big wooden door to go inside.
There're 2 big iron plates and each iron plate was in front of solid timber, which is a counter table.
And in front of us, there're various vegetables.

Behind the counter we sat, there're several tables, chairs, and sofas.

I booked lunch course and the menu was the following.
Chilled sea urchin egg custard, grilled sea urchin
雲丹の冷製フラン 焼き雲丹添え
US Prime beef tenderloin 120g (Japanese beef extra charge 1,500 yen)
USプライムビーフ テンダーロイン 120g(国産牛 追加料金1,500円)
Garlic fried rice
Miso soup
Japanese pickles
Coffee or tea
コーヒー または 紅茶

The menu above is a regular menu, but I made a request for my husband to switch sea urchin to some vegetables and they even printed out a different menu for him.
And when we're seated, a waiter came and asked if there's any other food restriction we'd like to mention at the table.
I thought it was really nice of them to be aware of the request I asked for and also to make sure again with us at the counter.
He also asked us if we're interested in wagyu (Japanese beef) and we could either switch the American beef to wagyu, or we could do order one wagyu and share American beef and wagyu so that we could taste the difference of the meat.
We decided to take the advice and ordered one wagyu to enjoy the difference.

Soon after, a waitress came and took our drink order after bringing hot towels.
And when they came back with drinks, they put orange color aprons for us.

Our chef was taking care of us to 3 groups at the same time.
He's not only cooking but also he's talking to us and explaining what he's serving.

First dish was Chilled sea urchin egg custard.
The chef started grilling on the hot iron for a while, then put it over egg custard.
The egg custard was already made and he put the grilled sea urchin over it, and finished up with yellow gold cubes made with dashi (broth) and vinegar, and he poured refreshing sauce over, then placed an edible green leaf (Japanese pepper, 山椒の葉).

The egg custard was similar to Chawan-Mushi (茶碗蒸し) and smooth.
Inside of the egg custard, there're more sea urchin.
Usually I'm not a big fan of sea urchin but it was cooked and didn't smell weird in the eggs.
Also, the grilled sea urchin on the top was really interesting.
Outside was crispy and had roasted flavor, but inside, it's moist and soft like the fresh raw.

While we're enjoying the entree, the chef was preparing for the main.
American beef is on the left, and wagyu is on the right.
Also on the plate, there're eggplant, zucchini, and orange pepper.
Powder in the black square container is salt.

First he grilled veggies after he spread oil.

He asked us how we want the beefs cooked, so as always, I asked medium rare.
Beefs were sizzling and providing mouthwatering flavor in front of us.

The same waitress brought us two different sauces for streak.
On the left, it's sesame sauce and on the right, it's tomato salsa sauce.

Here's the main.
From the right, American beef, wagyu, and grilled vegetables.
Mmmm.... medium rare....
I usually like wagyu more than American beef, but somehow, I liked American beef better here.
American beef was softer and had more flavor in it and wagyu had some hard texture and also a bit of smell which I'm not familiar with.

I tried all the three sauces; salt, sesame sauce, and tomato salsa with beefs and veggies.
For the beefs, I liked eating with salt and for veggies, tomato salsa sauce was so perfect.
Sesame sauce wasn't only sweet but also had a little sourness that was my first time to have sour sesame sauce.

When the main was almost gone, chef came back and was about to make garlic rice.
Before he started cooking, he asked us and the group next to us if he could use green perilla and as none of us had a problem with that, he got back to cooking.
First he browned finely chopped garlic on the iron plate, and once garlic was lightly brown, he put it aside on a paper towel to drain oil. 
While draining the oil, he put asparagus over oil and and lightly stirred.
He put warm rice on the hot iron and fried a bit, then he gathered the rice into one pile and made a slight gap in the middle with spurtles he's been using for the whole menu, and put the garlic, asparagus, white sesame, and green perilla.
He was frying them all together and also he put a block of butter and poured soy sauce over and mixed them, and put over the garlic rice.
When the garlic rice was ready, he divided into 4 and put in bowls equally and served to us.
Soon, miso soup and Japanese pickles were brought by the waitress.

I was wondering if the butter soy sauce would give weird taste to the garlic rice but I didn't notice much butter flavor because of strong garlic flavor.
Garlic was so fine and it was about the same size as the sesame in the rice, but sesame was crispy and crunchy, and asparagus also added different texture, which was moist, crispy, and smooth inside.

Miso soup was using Aka-miso (red soy paste), seaweed, and leeks.

This is Japanese pickles.
White slices were daikon radish, and green was daikon leaves.
While having this last plate, the waitress brought us hot Japanese tea.

This course made us satisfied but when they brought us dessert menus, some looked interesting and I ordered "crispy peach tart" and my husband ordered "chocolate souffle."
They informed us chocolate souffle would take about 15 minutes to make, but we didn't have anything planned afterwards, we said it's ok.

They make sure little things like that, too and it was so nice to be asked and let us know the time to cook so that we won't run out of time or be late for something if we had plans.

The same chef brought chocolate mousse in a little white cocotte, and placed on the iron plate and spread water around it and covered.

He left it as it is and moved on to my dessert.
He brought fresh peach and orange and put them on the iron.
And he did flambe.

After this, we're led to a space behind us where some tables are with chairs and sofas.
Some teppan-yaki places serve us mains and when it comes to desserts, they'd guide us to another space to have sweets and teas.

This is the Crispy Peach Tart.
It came with raspberry ice cream and crispy caramel plate stuck in the ice cream.
At the bottom, it's a thick and sweet pastry like almond flavored dough wrapped with pie sheet.

Crispy parts was the caramel over the ice cream and the pie sheet around the bottom part.
Peach was fresh and sweet, and raspberry ice cream was a little bit sour and it balanced out the plate well.
Peach was flambe so I thought alcohol was gone but some how I got dizzy after finishing this all.
It could be because I'm lightweight and I haven't had any single alcohol so that I might have become much weaker, but it definitely had strong brandy flavor in the peach and the syrup.

The orange slices were served with my husband's Chocolate Souffle.
The souffle was so soft, warm, and smooth and sour orange sauce was really good.
Vanilla ice cream was on the top of the hot souffle and melting and making strips on the dark brown chocolate.
The color was more vivid than the dessert I ordered since this consists of dark brown, orange, and white.
It's worth waiting for 15 minutes I'd say.

From the entree to main, and to the dessert, all the plates were great.
Each portion was small but as they're flavorful, they filled me up in the end.
To have a certain waitress was nice too so that she knows what we ordered and what we preferred.

Keyakizaka / けやき坂
4F, Grand Hyatt Tokyo, 6-10-3, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
東京都港区六本木6-10-3 六本木ヒルズ グランドハイアット東京4F

Lunch: 11:30AM - 2:30PM (Weekends & holidays: 11:30AM - 3:00PM)
Dinner: 6:00PM - 9:00PM
ランチ: 11:30~14:30(土・日・祝 ~15:00)
ディナー: 18:00~21:30

*Reservation recommended.
*They're capable of switching foods when you book if you have any food restriction.

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