Ricotta Cheese Pancake produced by Nippon Ham

Nippon Ham Packers, Inc., which is a food processing company based in Osaka.
Corporate name is "日本ハム" but most of the time, it's written as "ニッポンハム" in Katakana.
As the name has "ham," this is one of the big meat companies in Japan.

Nippon Ham launched a new brand "Sucre et Sucre (シュクレ シュクレ)" which has microwavable pancakes ready in a minute and started selling pre-cooked pancakes from March 20, 2013.
I had no idea till I found this yesterday as I never thought Nippon Ham would create any sweets like this.

Sucre is a French word meaning sugar or sweet and all the 3 kinds of pancakes they launched contain homemade sweet and refreshing ricotta cheese and use meringue to make it soft and moist.

3 kinds are Ricotta Cheese Pancake, Blueberry Sauce Pancake, and Bacon Pancake.

When I first found it at one of the supermarket near my house and it's 198 JPY.
I searched the regular retail price and it was 270 JPY so I was lucky to get this one cheap.

On the package, it says I could either put in microwave for 1 minute or use toaster for 2 minutes and I decided to try both.

And back side of the package also has more detailed direction how to eat.

Inside of the package, there're 2 pancakes, a pouch of sugar, and a pack of syrup.
And all you need to prepare is butter or margarine.

1. Microwave
Put one pancake on a plate and put a plastic with some air and microwaved for 1 minute.
It came out as soft as the one I had at another pancake place which is famous for ricotta cheese pancake.
Put margarine, sugar, and syrup over it.

It was really soft and thick pancake.

2. Toaster
Preheated the toaster at 150 Celsius as I didn't want it to get burned and put pancake directly into the toaster for 2 minutes.

It had different texture from microwaved one.
Outside was crispy and crunchy but inside was kept soft and moist.

Syrup was sugary and if I had used real maple syrup, it'd have tasted even better.

Pancake (2 pcs, 120g)
Calories: 247kcal
Protein: 10.4g
Fat: 6.0g
Carbohydrate: 37.8g
Natrium: 238mg (sodium chloride equivalent: 0.6g)

Syrup (30g)
Calories: 90kcal

Powder sugar (1g)
Calories: 4kcal

It was as good as the one I tried before but I actually prefer this one since it's cheap but tastes much better without having too much ricotta flavor in it.
Retails price is 270 JPY but you might be able to find it much more reasonable.
This pancake won't make you get in a line to wait to eat the famous pancake and get disappointed afterwards with ripped off charge.
I'd love to buy some more!

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