Monsters University Michael "Mike" Wazowski Ice Cream

Circle K Sunkus launched Mike Wazowski's ice cream as Monsters University by Disney and Pixer movie is coming out July 6th, 2013.

Circle K Sunkus is a conbini chain in Japan and they have just released this cute and "eye-catching" ice cream in a limited quantity.

I have no idea exactly how many numbers they're planning to produce but I really wanted to get this one and my husband got it for me :)

As I read about this product on internet, I knew what it'd look like but it's definitely kind of creepy yet really lovely!
You might have noticed already but this movie is supposed to be before they started working in Monsters Inc., so Mike is still young.
Thus, he's wearing braces on the front teeth!!

On the package, it says it's melon soda flavored shaved ice, vanilla ice cream, and blueberry sauce.
Mmmmm, sounds tasty.

The cup is really shallow so that I was expecting the content wouldn't be that much.

Uncovered the lid and here it is the ice cream.

Without the package, it's weird...
It still looks like an eye but not as cute as Mike's eye.

Anyways, it had sweet artificial melon flavor when the covered was off.
Melon flavored part (the green) was shaved ice so it had crispy and chunky texture.
Vanilla ice cream was thicker and heavier than I thought in a good way.
Blueberry sauce was sticky and really dense as if it was blueberry jam without pulp.

To pick up everything at the same time was really had; fragile shaved ice and rich vanilla ice cream with jammy blueberry sauce.
This is the best I could do piling up everything on a wooden spoon which was given at conbini.

It tasted as I thought of.
Sweet and sour, milky texture.
I didn't know his eye ball was this flavorful!
If you get one, I highly recommend you use a regular spoon so that it might be easy to pick up all the 3 flavors nicely.



138 JPY
Available at Circle K Sunkus only.

Content: 135ml
*No nutrition info was on the package.

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