KFC Japan held an all you can eat event for 2 days

In 2012, KFC Japan had a special event which you can eat chickens, fries, and drinks as much as you want for a certain time.

This year, KFC changed some conditions and they asked customers to reserve in advance as last year, it was "first come, first served" and it's really chaotic.
And it's only for 2 days; on July 3rd ad 4th and we get 45 minutes to eat as much as we want.
1,200 JPY for each person.

My husband booked 2 persons and we could get the final round, starting at 7PM on July 4th.
It's nice timing to celebrate the Independence Day.

We're told to bring a receipt which he got when he paid in advance and be there by 6:50PM, which is 10 minutes before the starting time.

This is the receipt and a slip describing some details.

When we got there, there's a sign.
"If you have paid beforehand, please line up here."

So we showed the receipt to a guy who was taking care of customers outside and we're lining up with a new piece of paper with a time limit, which is at 7:45PM.

When it was around 6:50PM, the guy started saying some rules for this all you can eat and he said we can't choose the meat (white or dark).
And fries and drinks were also all you can eat and we can get them even though we don't finish the chickens.
However, to get refill for chickens, we need to finish all the chicken.
To get another chicken or the sides, we're required to bring the slip with the time-up is written (the sheet above).

At 6:55PM, the store manager announced and let people walk into the shop.
They were still in service to those who weren't there for the gorge so that they divided the cashiers into 2 groups; all you can eat and regular KFC.
Red on the right is for the all you can eat and the blue for the regular customers.

This Shinjuku branch consists of 3 floors.
1st floor is cashiers, 2nd floor and 3rd floor are places to eat.
To make it easy who is attending to this event, they let all you can eat customers at the 2nd floor, and regular customers were guided to the 3rd floor.

First set we got was 5pcs of chickens, a small size french fries, and regular size drink.
We could choose drinks but there's no way we could ask preferable part of the meat, so it's random.
First set, I got 3 breast meat and 2 thigh meat (or a sort of wing).

As you can see, it's more than 1,200 JPY worth of KFC foods.
I checked KFC's webpage and 5pcs of chickens are 1,150 JPY.
Small fries is 200 JPY and regular size drink is 200 JPY.
*They offer better deal on the set menu, but I didn't see exactly the same objects.

I remembered that the store manager said that the person who consumed the chickens the most had 19pcs in 45 minutes.
As about 9pcs is the size of one whole chicken, it means he had 2 whole chickens...

I wanted to beat that number, but after 4pcs, I was really full.
If I could have chosen white meat only, I would have been able to finish up the 1st batch, 5pcs, but as thigh meat is pretty heavy and fatty, I got really sick of chickens.
My husband finished one of my chicken so he had 6pcs.

It took us less than 15 minutes to finish the original set, but we didn't feel like going back to get another chicken.
Yes, it was that filling.
We usually get 5 chickens to share 2 of us, so it was definitely too much for such a short time.


While we're talking, we saw many people are going back to the cashier and get more chickens.
They're pretty big people, but then, I saw 2 skinny females kept going back and forth to get foods. 
It was unbelievable and made me pretty sick just seeing them.

At 7:30PM, they announced that only 15 minutes were left and I decided to get more fries.

I'd never had eaten this much of KFC fried chicken and it'd not do it again at least till next year.

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