Baskin-Robbins Launched Mike Wazowski Ice Cream Cake

Baskin-Robbins Inc., which is more known as "31 ice cream" in Japan, announced that they'd created "Mike Wazsowki" ice cream cake and would sell from July 5th, one day before the new movie "Monsters University" starts in Japan.

This ice cream cake is called " 'Mike' Get the No.1" and the size is about 14cm diameters with 6cm height.

There's another Mike Wazowski ice cream from Circle K Sunkus but this 31 ice cream Mike is 3D so that it's more interesting!

When I found this article, I didn't see if it's a limited number product or period, so I decided to get it as soon as possible.

Jy husband and I just saw "Monsters University" on Monday and dropped by 31 ice cream shop nearby on the way back home.
However, the Mike ice cream cake was sold out.
The new stocks would be arriving the following day, so I reserved one to be safe.

Today, I picked it up after work.
It's really hot today (about 35 Celsius/95 Fahrenheit) and even thought with dry ice, I was really afraid that the Mike would be melted so I pretty much ran to home.

This is the cake!
It's a smiling Mike!!

Sully and "MIKE" flag were in the box.
Sully is wearing the "Oozma Kappa" logo, OK shirt.

This is the MIKE flag.
Back side has the same pattern.

The next photo is how I put them on.

As you can see, on the left bottom corner, there's a "Disney" logo.
It because this Mike ice cream cake was produced under license agreement with Consumer Products, a license division of Walt Disney Japan. 

The flavors of this cake are chosen to express Mike Wazowski.
Green part is Melon Au Lait and the bottom is vanilla.
The eye and mouth are made with white chocolate and the blue cap is sugar confectionery.

Mike's cap resembles the one he wears in the movie.
"MU" and there's an eye in the letter of M.

It was my first time to have Melon Au Lait from 31 ice cream chain and it was quite good.
The texture was light as if it was fine shaved ice, and the vanilla was smooth.
If you want this on a special day, making reservation is a smart idea.

2,800 JPY at Shinjuku branch.
*Retail price is from 2,400 JPY and differs from locations.

Dry ice was put only over the top so that when I opened the box, it was already melting at the bottom.
It seemed that this ice cream cake wasn't held with any nail so it kept sliding back and forth.
If you're buying when it's really hot like this, please be careful to carry.

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