Blueberry Sauce Pancake by Nippon Ham
ニッポンハムのブルーベリーソース パンケーキ

I tried Nippon Ham's "Ricotta Cheese Pancake" the other day and today, I had a different pancake of the brand.

It's "Blueberry Sauce Pancake."

The pancake is the same from the original one but instead of maple syrup, this comes with blueberry sauce with flesh.

I liked it microwaved last time, so I put 2 pancakes into microwave and heated for 1 minute and half.

Put blueberry sauce over it after margarine started melting.

And added powder sugar.

I checked the ingredients and it says clearly that this pancake contains ricotta cheese.
With maple syrup, I could taste some of the flavor but this sweet blueberry sauce, I could smell less this time.

Blueberry sauce is more like blueberry jam but thin, and I found some blueberries.

I liked this one, too but I shouldn't have used all the sauce because all I could taste was jam, not the pancake itself.

Pancake (2pcs)
Calries: 247kcal
Protein: 10.4g
Fat: 6.0g
Carbohydrate: 37.8g
Natrium: 238mg (sodium chloride equivalent: 0.6g)

Blueberry sauce (30g)
Calroies: 43kcal

Powder sugar (1g)
Calories: 4kcal

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