A little pancake place called Tengoku in Asakusa

Another pancake place in Tokyo I wanted to visit is called Tengoku, which means "heaven" in Japanese, is located in Asakusa.

It's not that close from Senso-ji temple but it's in a busy area with a lot of little eat-ins and shops.
The street is called "Rokku Dori (六区通り)" where you can see photos of Japanese famous stars up high by the street lamps.

If I hadn't paid much attention, I wouldn't have noticed as it's super tiny and brownish color with bricks so it's not using any vivid color to be outstanding.

We got there around 2:00PM and it's full so we had to wait for about 10 minutes.
There're 2 tables with 4 chairs, 2 tables set in front of a long sofa, and 1 table with a chair in front of the long sofa.
*The sofa is a long one laying from one side to the other.

We sat at one of the 2 tables in front of a long sofa.
My attempt was to get pancake but as my husband ordered it, I decided to get a hot dog.

I ordered "Soda water" which was melon syrup poured in soda. (500 JPY)
Drink came pretty fast.

It tasted exactly what I thought of; syrup for shaved ice is put in soda and very sweet.

While waiting, we heard a waiter whisking a bowl with pancake mix.
They bake pancake after order is set on a flat iron burner.

Pancake arriced in about 5 minutes.

Pancake was smaller than I thought but it's 500 JPY, so it's understandable.
On the surface, "Tengoku (heaven)" is printed.

Pancake was nothing special other than the stamp.
Outside was crispy and dry, inside was moist and not heavy.
I'd say it's an "ok for 500 JPY" pancake.

Hot dog came after pancake and the bun also had the same "Tengoku" print on the side.

The bun was about 15cm but the sausage was about twice longer.

Mostly ketchup and some mustard.
I was gonna ask no mustard but as it's our first time, I wanted to have it as it is.

The sausage is long and curvy, and it looks like Salvador Dali's mustache.
And for 350 JPY, it's pretty long sausage.

The sausage was pork by the way, so I ate it.
It was again a regular sausage like the pancake, and the bun was toasted so it was crunchy outside and warm.
I could finish it without problem, but afterwards I felt pretty full.

Foods were small and reasonable; mostly 350 ~ 500 JPY.
Besides foods and beverages, they sell Tengoku goods, for example cup and saucer, coffee beans in cans, glasses, towel, and etc.

Coffee Tengoku / 珈琲 天国
1-41-9 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

12:00 ~ 6:30PM

Closed on Tuesdays / 火曜日定休

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