Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku / ロボットレストラン 新宿

"Robot Restaurant" is a restaurant but not focused on food but more on the show and it's located in Kabukicho, the red light district in Shinjuku.

As I live in Shinjuku, I've seen gigantic female statues are set on Hummer driving around with loud music saying, "Robot, Robot, Restaurant, Robot, Robot, Shinjuku, Yeah~~~!!"

First it was a bit annoying to hear that song especially while I'm waiting for the lights change, but then, I got more curious because to rent those Hummer would cost pretty high to rent (unless they own it, but still it'd have cost a lot) and they've been using the Hummer with female figure humongous robots in bikini-ish clothes almost like an year, it opened on July 18, 2012.

They also say during the song that overall construction cost was 10 billion yen.

I and husband were thinking about going but didn't really find occasion to do it.
Our mutual friends went there and found it was interesting and told us it's worth going and seeing what's going on there.

2 of my husband friends are visiting Japan and we decided to go with a  party of 6.
My husband booked the restaurant about a week ago to get seats surely.
I think they take customers on the day as long as there're seats available.

We're told to be there 30 minutes before the show starts, which was 7PM so we're all gathered vy 6:30.

Once we got to the restaurant, we're guided to a ticket machine space which is in front of the Robot Restaurant.
And from the machine, we needed to choose a bento box from 4 kinds and I chose "D: healthy bento."
The bento box is the meal and it's a part of the charge; 5,000 JPY.
There're a bunch of free of charge lockers with digit locks.
I highly recommend you put your jackets and big bags to make it easy to take photos and enjoy the show without worrying where to put your stuff at the little table and chair.

Once we bought the tickets, we went inside of the Robot Restaurant building.
The waiting space was really bright... and even hot due to the light.

This is ceiling.

While we're waiting, they announced that they just started selling original cookies so we bought a box.
This is an ad set on the counter to catch customers' eyes.
I asked the cashier how many patterns of the images are created and they said it should be 8.
14 pcs in a box and it's 800 JPY.

We luckily got all the 8 patterns.

2 were letters and the rest of them are all robots.
The cookies were crispy and quite good.

Waited for a while then they told us to go downstairs.
Staircase was really shiny and bright.

We went down to B2 floor.

Right after entering to the show space, there're already some sets were there.

This is a front stage.

And each person gave guys standing with bento boxes, and they provided each box to take it to the table.

Rice, chicken breast on salad, tomato, pickles, and coconut jelly.
A bottle of tea was set at each table, but they also sell juice and alcohol beverages.

According to the announcement, it'd be dark and hard to eat the food or not much break to go to bathroom.

Like what they said, it got dark and the whole space was used for the dance and performance.
First it was Japanese style performance; Wadaiko (Japanese drum) with Ninja-looking costume with hand fans.

Then next one was Western; they used Chrstina Aguilera's movie "Burlesque" and girls were playing drums with itty-bitty clothes.

Everyone changes the costume and Kuroko, a stagehand dressed in black who clears up and sets new stage equipment while girls are changing.

While thoese Kurokos were preparing for the next show, they brought heavy chains to protect seats.
Suddenly, wooden gate was there.
Soon we knew why they put the chain gate.

It was time for fighting. 
First fight was robots vs dinosaurs. (What???)

Next was panda vs robots. (I was confused but it was hilarious.)

Once panda went backstage but came back with a cow to attack robots.

Now it's Cutie Honey vs robots.
Even though she's Cutie Honey, she said the famous phrase of Sailor Moon, "I'm Saior Moon, the champion of justice. In the name of the moon, I will right wrongs and tirumph over evil and that means you!" in Japanese.
And the shield that she has on her left hand is from Captain America.

After this, girls on armadillo came out and fought with robots.

The reason why they put the gate was to protect the audience for unexpected accident to get hurt.

While they're preparing for the next show, guys provided hand lights in various colors.
This lights remind me of fans in Akihabara and concerts.

Floor moved up and made a slight slope.
Robots were wearing roller skate or on segways!

This is a female shaped robots with girls on the machine.
Actually one of the girls are controlling the robot to turn around.

It wasn't the end of it.

The show went on more.

This big robots and girls were dancing Gangnam style LOL

After this, they allow you to take photos with robots but remember that Kurokos (the stagehand) won't take photos for you.
So I highly recommend you ask one of the performers or some other customers to take photos of you guys.

Now the finale starts.
Some girls are on little lift and it goes around the show space.

Soon a girl held a plate to warn customers what is ok what is prohibited with the girls on the lift.
"You can do high-five, but no shaking hands, close-up photos, or touching thighs or hips."

Some are on Jeep.
Can't believe they did that as the show space wasn't that huge.

Even a motorcycle!

And airplane hung from the ceiling and it was moving back and forth.

Now they're on a blinking tank.

Right before we left the show area, I took a photo with the robot.
Now you can see how big the robots were.

These photos are just a part of the show.
I'd say even though it's called a restaurant, you can't really expect they'd actually serve you food.
This place was more like a show space with bento box.

But probably you've never seen something like this (I hadn't) and it's worth going there to see what it is.

They say the show will be changed frequently so I may go back for some occasion to see what's changed and what's improved in about a couple of months.

Robot Restaurant / ロボットレストラン
Open: 6:00PM - 11:00PM
(To reserve, they take phone calls from 9:00AM - 10:00PM)
No shows on Sundays

1-7-1, Kabukicho,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

営業時間: 18:00 ~ 23:00
(予約電話受付時間: 9:00 ~ 22:00)


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