Ochazuke with Nissin Cup Noodle Onigiri /

The other day, I posted about Nissin Cup Noodle Onigiri, and on the package, there's a recipe to eat different way.

It's called "Ochazuke" which is rice with hot green tea or hot soup stock.

First I reheated the Onigiri (rice ball) in microwave and put it in a bowl.

Prepared hot water and poured over the rice as directed.

I didn't measure but used this much hot boiling water.

When I poured hot water, oil was floating on the surface and I realized again how fatty this is.
Let it sit a bit and mixed with the hot water.
It started smelling well like Cup Noodle.

It may look weird but actually I like this one better than eating as rice ball.
I thought it was too salty to eat as it was but with hot water, it became like porridge and tasted less salty.
(Of course the amount of salt you're getting is the same in the end if you drink all the soup.)

If you're fine with eating congee or risotto, you probably find this Ochazuke tasty and interesting.
As the package has 3 pieces, maybe one of the rice ball can be cooked as Ochazuke and you'll see the difference of the taste and texture.

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