Sakura Miku Man from Family Mart /
Family Mart の 桜ミクまん

Family Mart collaborate with Hatsune Miku and created "Sakura Miku Man," which is Hatsune Miku featured steamed bun.
Sakura is cherry blossom and Man here means steamed bun.

For those who don't know Hatsune Miku, it's a singing synthesizer application with a humanoid  persona.
Hatsune Miku collaborated with a lot of food and goods: for example Domino's Pizza Japan made an app which Hatsune Miku guides you how to order and the lyrics, music, and other features were all made by Domino's Japan employees who are not professional artists.

They first started selling this on March 19, 2013, but I found this a day before yesterday, April 8th.
I knew it's been sold for a while but I couldn't find this anywhere I looked for.
No interest in Hatsune Miku to be honest but as it's limited product, I wanted to get it.

At Family Mart near my home, I found a showcase with Hatsune Miku label and one Miku bun was sitting.
The sticker says it's Sakura Miku Man (Koshian).
Koshian is mashed sweet bean paste without skin.
160 JPY
This is how it looks like.
Kind of cute.
She even has duck face/lips...
She's got pink cheeks which sort of looks like pimple.
Her eyes resemble seeds of watermelon but it was dark colored steamed bun/dough.

Real Hatsune Miku has blue hair but as it's Sakura version, she's got pink hair.
And her characteristic hairstyle is twintail, which we call for "twin ponytails."
You can see white square hair accessories.

From the side, it looks like this.

From the back side.

Upside down.
According to Family Mart webpage, this is a collaborated product for Sakura season (spring).
This steamed bun contains sweet bean paste and it's created by hand to make her cute face.

The paper at the bottom was all Sakura Miku.
It's hard to see but behind Miku's face, there's cherry blossom petal, shape of star.

The filling was really smooth and good sweet bean paste.
Even though it has Sakura related name, it didn't have Sakura flavor in it. 
Just her hair was pink and other parts were regular steamed bun with smashed bean paste.

You might be able to get this still, so if you're a big fun of Hatune Miku and sweets, there's no way to hesitate to try this.

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