Nissin Cup Noodle Onigiri / 日清 カップヌードル おにぎり

Nissin Foods Holding Co., Ltd. is a well-known company for Cup Noodle and Chicken Ramen.
Original company was founded in 1948, in Osaka.

Nissin Frozen Foods Company Limited is a subsidiary of Nissin Foods Holding Co., Ltd. and they launched Cup Noodle flavored frozen rice ball called "Cup Noodle Onigiri."
*Onigiri is what we call rice ball in Japanese.

The original flavor is soy sauce and black pepper and I think it's the most famous one.
They started selling September 1, 2012.
I knew they'd produced this but also it was hard to find this in supermarkets as this was really famous and maybe the company didn't expect to have such a big sales.

I happened to find this in a supermarket nearby and wanted to try.
Package is triangle shape and shows what's the toppings are; shrimp, char siu (slowly cooked pork), and egg.
They're contained in regular Cup Noodle, too, so I think they copied exactly the original noodle.

Side of the package.
One of the sides describes how to eat.
While it's reheated in microwave, the tray and cover let it steam so that the rice will be soft.
Besides the bottom tray will be a onigiri (rice ball) holder so it's easy to eat even though it's hot.

The other side.
It says it'd be nice to eat it as Ochazuke, rice with hot green tea or hot soup stock.
The direction is, "After reheating the rice ball, put it into a bowl and pour 80ml of hot water.
Maybe I'd try once I try the regular cup noodle flavor.

Back side of the package.
This shows how to prepare and put in microwave, and also how to eat it with some caution.

Plastic containers.
These 3 rice balls are separately stored in removable containers which can be easily tore off.
When you reheat this, you need to divide into each piece with the cover on, which is important as the cover keeps the steam inside to make the rice soft and moisture.

It's ready to put into microwave.
As I was preparing only one, I set the timer for 2 minutes.

After 2 minutes. 
It was pretty hot outside and smelled like the cup noodle soup besides the color.
I could see 2 little shrimps and eggs but it was hard to find char siu in it.
The other side of the rice ball, there's no topping I was able to see.

It had really strong soy sauce or salty taste in it and also black pepper.
After a couple of bites, I reached the center and it was still cold so I had to put it back to microwave and heated for 40 seconds more.

The tray underneath the rice ball was helpful to hold and eat.
However, once I hit the same height of the tray, it was difficult to eat the rest of it so I had to flipped it over and shove into my mouth.

Overall it was tasty and it's easy to recall Nissin Cup Noodle.
Tip of the reheating would be setting slightly longer period than the direction says.

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  2. ご覧いただきありがとうございまーす^0^

  3. I just tried something similar 2 days ago! I had the Nissin's chicken ramen flavor and Nissin's duck flavor. They were good :D

    1. Cool! They have "Chikin Ramen Onigiri" which contains some noodles and chicken breast meat.
      These rice balls are so good :3