Garigarikun Rich! Corn Potage /
ガリガリ君リッチ! コーンポタージュ

Garigarikun Rich! Corn Potage is as it's written, corn potage soup flavor ice cream bar.
Yes, it sounds weird but as it's so bizarre, when it first launched September 4, 2012, it made a huge hit and it was much more than they had expected.
The factory was making items far from enough, then Akagi Nyugyo decided to stop selling the ice cream bar from September 6, only 2 days after the first sales.

They have now enough stocks and restarted selling this ice cream bar from March 26, 2013.
I knew they'd sell this flavor again but wasn't aware of any update but happened to find a pile of this corn potage flavor ice candy in a supermarket nearby.

I got excited and I couldn't resist this crazy flavored ice cream.
There're 3 kinds of packages I think but I just grabbed this one.

On the side of the package, there's a drawing which shows what the ice cream bar consists of.
コーン: corn
コーンポタージュかき氷: corn potage flavored shaved ice
コーンポタージュアイス: corn potage flavored ice

So, it's technically frozen corn potage soup as you can imagine.
Yet I wasn't sure how it would taste like and a little bit scared to try.

When I opened the package, I could smell ordinary corn soup.
Sweet corn flavor made me think it'd definitely taste like corn soup which I'm used to.
Not only the flavor was close to corn soup, the very ice cream bar looked like real corn soup!
It's yellow but not super yellow, but just looked like corn-soup-yellow.

I had a bite and surprisingly it was tasty...
As I wasn't expecting this tasty corn soup flavor ice cream bar, I even laughed and had to tell my husband he needed to try this.
He tried and thought tasty too.
It was like corn but it's ice cream, I can't think of any good explanation of the taste.
After a couple bites, I found a corn.
The dark yellow object on the right side.
It was actually a real corn and not reformed one, so I could feel the skin of the corn on my teeth.

Outside of the ice cream is milky texture and the center was shaved ice.
It made me feel cold in the end.

They have enough productions ready so it's gonna be easy to find.
I highly recommend you try this at least once then you'd see what I wrote here.

<Nutrition> --- cont. 110ml
Energy: 124kcal
Protein: 1.1g
Fat: 4.4g
Carbohydrate: 20.9g
Natrium: 100mg

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